Day 2: the pain and suffering begin

Again, I arrived at the gym armed with the crazy notion that I’ll survive. Today we began with a few warm-up laps & several stations of exercises to do including push ups which I suck at. It took about 15 minutes and then Ethan headed us out to the front lobby and benevolently informed us that we had to hop up the flight of stairs, sprint down the hall and then back down the stairs… 3 times. I made it twice before I was so out of breath that the team made me sit the last leg out.

It was awful and I cried.

The rest of the time was spent doing sprints and other yucky things like crab-walking down the length of the gym. Crab-walking!?! Seriously!?! That didn’t happen, I just walked the length twice to make up for my lack of ability (and coordination–people are not crabs!). When I got home and into the shower, I cried again. I’m feeling really overwhelmed by the enormity of this all. I know I need to be doing this but it’s a lot. I’m sure I’ll be cryin’ again. All in all I survived, but my plan to stay another hour for my personal workout wasn’t happening, I was too freakin’ tired. I’ll have to go tonight.

My assessment so far… I hate that I can’t do the things being asked of the group, I hate having everyone cheer as I finish so far behind, I almost hate the kind intent of a group who is so supportive. I’d rather they didn’t notice my failings. I am, however, happy that they are so nice. I’d quit if I felt I was being judged.

I’m feeling the soreness today. My calves and shins are pretty bad and when I stand up after being at my desk here at work, it hurts.It’s been fun to hobble to the storytime area as 14 little kids watch. Let this be a lesson to you… stay fit while your young because getting fit at 34 HURTS!!!



  1. Teresa Said:

    I promise it will get better. I remember in the last competition being very frustrated on the first day that we ran a circuit of stairs. We started upstairs by running a lap around a small gym, ran down the stairs, ran around the main track, ran back up the stairs. One set of that was three times through and we did three sets. The first time we did it, I did one to everyone else’s three and I thought I was going to die. We did the very same thing again in 10 days and instead of doing 3 to everyone else’s 9, I was able to do 8. WAHOOO. Granted, I still did them way slower than everyone else and I had the whole group waiting form me and cheering me on (which, I agree, is so nice and kind–but almost makes it worse). Take my word for it — it will get easier! Hang in there! I’m jealous that your second group workout is already over. I’ve still got mine to look forward to.

  2. Cricket Said:

    Karen! You are even more than a hero you are a god! I am thrilled to hear you went back! What music do you want? I will send you MP3 of all the good hard stuff. I have Rob Zombie, Ministry, The Cult. I will throw in a bit of AC/DC for you if you wish. I want to do whatever I can to support you. I even told my doctor today about what you are doing. I am so proud of you. I don’t know as if I could have done the crab walk thing. I don’t think my arms would fit under me!

  3. acfrancis Said:

    I sooo admire you for doing this. You’re inspiring me – I need to get my butt in gear. Literally and figuratively.

    You can do it!


  4. mok Said:

    crab walk?! Crab walk??? Crabs don’t walk they scuttle. I remember taking a lifetime fitness class when we were in Logan and I was just a little bit older than you are now. I came close to dying. We did whatever they call it when you run one fourth court and back then half court and back then three fourths court and back etc. I think it was sweet 16 or some inocuous name that didn’t come close to telling the truth about the torture it really was. Crab walk sounds like it is of that ilk. I eventually did it and at the same time as the rest of the disgustingly fit and young girls in the class, so I know you can do it. Go ahead and cry. I cried. A lot!!! It’s OK to cry, just not to quit. We love you and pray for you. Sometimes prayers are all that gets you through. What a world, what a world!!!

  5. grinchme Said:

    You are so awesome! You are in my thoughts alot this week. I have been complaining that I cannot get off my weight plateau and here you are running circles around me….literally! If you are willing to subject yourself to this blessed torture, I can surely get my butt in gear and see if that will break through the plateau. You can do this. It will not kill you, even though you feel you are at deaths door. Go ahead and cry. Sometimes the best resolve to a situation comes though tears. Love and admire you more than you know.

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