Day 3 – purple people eaters

When I got home from the gym last night, I sat in a cold bathtub for 10 minutes to try and ease my sore muscles. My friend, Chelle, suggested it to me because cold water will make muscles contract and the more the contract the less they will hurt. I think it worked and I’ll be trying that again tonight before bed.

This mornings workout was a little better. At least there was no crying. It’s only day three but if I can have a good day now it gives me hope that I will survive.

My group is the purple group and our trainer decided that our song is officially “Purple People Eater” he even put it down in the rules. I need to find a good techno or mash-up version to put on my ipod, so if anyone out there knows of one, let me know!



  1. Cricket Said:

    Karen! I am so excited for you. I wish there was a day I could go without crying. I am thrilled you have a tub and can take advantage of it. I cannot sit in my tub as I would get stuck and then Matty would try to pull me out and I would be all slippery and stuff. You are doing great. I have been looking forward to reading how it is going all day.

  2. Bridge Said:

    You are doing great! Keep up the good work.

  3. Teresa Said:

    Yeah! A good day. That’s a good sign. My workout, on the other hand, included the crab walk (I see what you were talking about), lots of lunges, and pulling a man almost as large as me on a towel the length of the gym multiple times. I think tomorrow is going to be my sore day. I think I’ll try Chelle’s advice and sit in a cold tub. Thanks for passing that tidbit on. 🙂

  4. mok Said:

    Cold huh? I might rather be stiff. Purple is an oddly appropriate color for people who are stiff and sore. I salute the purple people eaters! Long may you consume purple people!

  5. Loralee Said:

    I think that the cold shower idea is a good one. SUCKS, but will probably work!

  6. MaryEllen Said:

    I agree with MOK….I think I would rather be sore. I am the one who likes the HOT baths and showers. As for the music, I have put my DJ’ing son who is way into the whole techno style on the prowl on the internet for your song. He was grinning big at the prospect of finding it for you. ooh eee ooh aah aaah!

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