Are you okay Karen? Your lips are blue.

Day 4

Today was a pretty good day as far as my emotional confidence goes. We added some weights today and “sat” on the wall with the weights on our thighs, so I should be feeling that soon! We also did lunges, which I suck at. I think they go better if your legs and feet point the right direction. My knees and feet point out and while that is great if your a ballet dancer (I have fabulous turnout) it’s not so great for activities which need your feet to face forward. That was exhausting.

At the end of our time we each “ran” around the track twice and tried to improve our time the second go around. My first time was 52 seconds (that is not good btw) but my second time was 47. An improvement and this was the first time I tried to run instead of walking quickly. I was pretty pleased but was so out of breath. I started coughing, gagging and hyperventilating. Thankfully, I was eventually able to calm down and breath. One of the team members came up to me a bit later and asked if I was okay because my lips were blue. I guess I can now cross “beet red with blue lips” off my appearance goals, cause I’ve achieved it!

Speaking of appearance, they have put the team pictures and stats up on the Ultimate Loser site. I love, love, love my picture. Not only am I sporting the world’s greatest hairdo, but I also appear to have no arms. People are going to wonder about the “challenged” team member on purple!




  1. Cricket Said:

    Keep on going! Happy day on the improved time of 47. I remember that I actually walked around the track faster than when I ran it! You are doing great, and personally i like your photo!

  2. acfrancis Said:

    Who needs arms to exercise?

  3. jess Said:

    ROFL where are your arms??? LOL that just has tickled my funny bone.

  4. Bridge Said:

    Love the hair! You ARE there to workout right? Loralee and I maintain that the gym is a place to workout and not look hot. Our makeup was always smeared and other girls there had showered and put on make up to workout. Shame on them.

    You look great!

  5. Oh, I’m definitely sans makeup! and my arms… wouldn’t you like to know!?!

  6. Sarah Said:

    LOL! I am glad to see you still have a sense of humor after this week!

  7. Kstevensfam Said:

    Good for you!! I’m happy for you and glad you went back!!! Keep it up, have fun!!

  8. mok Said:

    Lets see — red face. blue lips. purple people eater, hum, did you think you had to turn purple? As for the arms and hair, I think I looked like that all day at work today as I prowled around the kids playing a learning game, saying “No, you do it this way.” and “If you throw the dice on the floor one more time, I’ll have to take them away.” I may even have had a red face and blue lips. Maybe it’s in the DNA.

  9. I really like this photo. *serious* It is the impish grin and coquettish turn of head that I think is cute. And actually, I was concentrating on the coooooool new t-shirt and didn’t even missed the arms. I am adding to my life goals to take a trick picture like this – with disappearing arms – way cool!

    Great job on running and on improving your time! Keep that up!

  10. […] I couldn’t get on 10 weeks ago.  Pretty dang cool.  I don’t know if you remember my “before photo”?  The one with no arms and the super attractive hair?  What a joy that picture is.  I […]

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