Today was our first weigh in and it sucked.  I’ve gained 3 pounds and I don’t even know how that is possible.  It’s so confusing because I know how hard I’m working.  I’m not sure what else I have to give in order to lose weight.

To add to all this, the balls of my feet and my toes are blistered.  I can barely walk.  I’ve already dropped $500+ dollars on this endeavor and I can’t afford new shoes so I hope they heal quickly and I don’t get any more.

When I left the gym this morning I was in tears and I’m still feeling teary writing this 6 hours later.  Todays workout was a tough one and I held my own but to not see any results is crushing.  I’m not even sure how to deal with this but I do know that I’ve got to stop focusing on it because that will just make everything harder.  This won’t be an easy task.

Current weight:  304  (I had to edit my last weight, it was recorded at 301 not 299)



  1. Bridge Said:

    Sometimes this happens. Not necessarily because we gain weight, but because we build muscle. Keep up the hard work and I promise you will see results. I promise. This happenst to me too.

  2. Teresa Said:

    Hang in there, Karen. Bridge has a point. I bet that you gained sheer muscle and that will just help you burn more calories this week. Next weigh in will be better! See you in the morning.

  3. Nancy Said:

    I know it’s a disappointing end to a very tough week, but hang in there, I know it will get better. You can do this!!

  4. Could be lots of reasons…everyone’s weight fluctuates…’specially women during certain points of cycle…(*rolls eyes* like we need another reason to love our “time of the month”) It just means that next week will be that much better..I know how hard you are working on this…it is just a number…don’t let it defeat your good hard work….keep your focus on the end and the enduring. We are all pulling for you!

    About the feet…mind my advice…and if you want to try my me…I deliver. *puts on side kick garb*

  5. mok Said:

    Frustrating! I can sympathize. Of course the only time I ever actually lost more than 5 or 10 pounds was when I was taking FenPhen. Why, oh why must our bodies be so hard to control? Heaven had better be good, getting there so we can have that perfect body and soul is pretty hard! They say Christ experienced everything while he was on earth, so I guess he must have felt fat and depressed at some point!? Hang in there and keep hoping — we continue to pray for you and love you.

  6. Sarah Said:

    I always gain weight when I start exercising. I also hate it when people say to me, “your gaining muscle, don’t worry about it.” I might be, but it doesn’t help my defeated spirit to hear it. The first month or so sucks when starting a new routine! Just don’t give up, it gets a little better as time goes on.
    I tend to quit after the first few weeks of a healthier life because my results are not even a fraction of what I expect. I always wonder what would have had happened had I stuck to it. You can do this Karen!
    I found this quote that may help:

    “Not giving your body time to respond. Just because you start exercising doesn’t always mean your body will respond to that immediately. As Cathy Leman puts it, “…in some instances the body needs to sort of “recalibrate”‘ itself. Increased activity and new eating habits (taking in more or less calories) require the body to make adjustments.” Cathy recommends that you give yourself several weeks or months for your body to respond to what you’re doing.”

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