Lazy sunday…

Well, I proved this weekend that even when participating in a weight loss competition I can *still* be incredibly lazy.  I expended absolutely the bare minimum of energy and have the bodybugg readings to prove it.  I think I’m going to have to pull out my DDR (dance dance revolution) game for days that I don’t participate in regularly scheduled exercise because napping and reading don’t burn a lot of calories.

Today I had, dare I say, fun at the gym.  I guess we get two “fun” days for workouts over the ten weeks and today we used one of them to play basketball.  I was, of course, terrible seeing as I have no basketball skills.  I’m sure my brothers and sisters would’ve disowned me if they saw how badly I played.  I tend to throw the ball blindly whenever I get cornered so my passes were less than productive, but I tried and that made the difference.  I did score which was cool and even though it would’ve been easy to just hang out on one side of the court I made sure that wherever the ball went, I went.  I burned more calories this morning than I have since I began this program so I can say that basketball was a success.  Tomorrow we swim–I better find something to wear!



  1. Bridge Said:

    FUN… I suck at basketball. I ALWAYS get HURT. I am not kidding either. Either the ball hits my head (explains a lot) or I jam a finger.

    You are doing great btw. Keep up the good work.

  2. Auntie L Said:

    Since when was basketball (or any other ball sport, exception being volleyball, but I played it over 40 years ago when it was a much more genteel game,) FUN! Bah Humbug! But it is probably a lot more fun than running or hopping up stairs! Swimming is fun however. The only problem with swimming is that I am so blind because I can’t wear contact lenses or glasses in the water that is really trying swimming.

  3. mok Said:

    Wear cutoffs and a t shirt. That’s about what Ashlee wears, by the time she is modest. Good gor you for playing Bball and not breaking something!

  4. Yeah mok, as I recall the last time I played basketball I broke a wrist. Yea me for staying in one piece!

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