What a diffrence a week makes!

I missed writing yesterday because I had to attend a library workshop. I missed my a.m. workout but did go when I got home from my long hard day of idea swapping. Since I had to weight today I also got up this morning at 4:30 so I could get to the gym an hour early and exercise before the weigh-in. Things are much better with my feet and other than just being kinds bored while walking on the treadmill I’m doing much better. I’ve been able to up my pace and don’t think it’ll be to long before I can jog for a little of my time. The simple fact that I can walk without pain is making a huge difference in my attitude about everything. I’m feeling up beat, more of the time, which is helping me with all everything.

As far as the diet change is going, I’m not finding it too terribly hard to eat lower calorie. Even yesterday at my conference, when I had no control over what food I was offered, I was able to make it work. However, I’m finding that I need to make sure the calories I do eat are good calories. Sure, I can have a 100 calorie pack of cookies, but wouldn’t it be better to eat a whole grain granola bar or something else that my system can actually use? This is the area that needs working on now.

As for this mornings weigh-in… I lost 8 pounds! Yippie! No cryin’ about that 🙂

Edit:  I got the weight loss info wrong.  I lost 9 pounds!!!!

Starting Weight: 301 lbs
Current Weight: 295 lbs
Total Weight Lost: 6 lbs
Weight Loss %: 1.99%
Total Inches Lost: 3.75



  1. Julie Q Said:

    Yey Karen. Congrats on the weight loss!!!! I am glad your spirits are up and that your feet are better.

  2. Aunt Amy Said:

    delurking to say WAHOO! Keep up the good work, and I hope your feet cooperate!

  3. Auntie L Said:

    I have found that I need to have protein, especially in the morning. Finding that I need protein and actually eating it do not = the same thing. I have been short on meat lately because it takes so long to prepare and it is expensive. I love meat and veggies a lot I am even shorter on fresh veggies and fruit because they are tremendously expensive, and because there are just two of us, they spoil way faster than we can consume them. I rely on mostly frozen veggies or canned ones. I often get a fresh veggie cup for lunch along with a tuna sandwich. Good luck with the eating and exercising!

  4. *cheers loud and long* That’s the way! And hooray for healthier feet!

  5. Teresa Said:


  6. mok Said:

    The best news of the week!!!! I’m glad you feel better. My blisters are better as well, so here’s to a pain free and carefree weekend!

  7. Bridge Said:

    You are my hero! I heart you!!!

  8. Cricket Said:

    Karen! I am like a proud mom I am so excited for you! You know to lose 8 pounds I had to have a baby. I am thrilled that your feet are doing better and I love your attitude. 8 pounds Karen! I am so thrilled! Matty, Lily and I are cheering you on from here. Congratulations!

  9. Kstevensfam Said:

    Raw Raw Ree!! Sorry been teaching Abby cheers for Halloween. I have also been chastised (in a fun-loving way) from a mom who’s daughter is also picking up on the cheers. This other mother and I share the same Cheer leading views.

  10. jess Said:

    NINE POUNDS??? freaking AWESOME! good for you!!!

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