bawling bowling

When my sister and I were very young our physician, Dr. Perkes, gave us nicknames. My nickname was “some kar-en some don’t” and my sister’s was “the bawling bowling” seeing as she had the tendency to cry in his office. Well, my friends, I’d like to officially trade my nickname for hers. Today I spent the better part of the time between 6 and 7 a.m. in tears. Yes, I bawled while riding the monstrosity they call a bike in spin class. I couldn’t help myself. At first I was crying because my bum (and other unmentionable parts) felt like they were on fire. Then I was crying because I was crying. Then I was crying because I decided that I would never ride a bike again but knew I had to go through spin class hell again on Friday. I want to cry right now thinking about how I was basically raped by a bicycle seat this morning. Seriously, it was worse than walking around on blisters. I wanted to quit 5 minutes into the whole affair and watched that clock like the second coming of Christ was at 7 a.m. The second, and I mean second, the clock hit 7, I got off the bike, grabbed my stuff and walked out the door (in tears). The class kept going, but I refused to stay a second longer than I had to. I’m officially the class drama queen and it’s humiliating. I don’t even want to think about facing these people again after this morning. I don’t know if I can do this to my ego anymore! So from now on I’ll be referring to myself as the ‘bawling bowling’ because that is what I am.



  1. Teresa Said:

    Oh, Karen! You make me laugh. I’m so not looking forward to tonight. I can still remember the perma-wedgie I got the last time I went to spin class. I’m not looking forward to it. I already said that, didn’t I? I’ll take an extra towel or some kleenex, as I’m sure I’ll cry before the night is over too. I hope the calorie burn was good. I barely hit 3000 last night after 2.5 hours of exercise. Grrrrrrr

  2. MaryEllen Said:

    I am hurting just thinking about a spinning class! You are being put through hell. I cannot express how much I admire you for sticking to it even it you call yourself the “bawling Bowling”. I am sure I would have a different nickname and not that nice if it was me in your place. As for the Drama Queen, someone has to be it, so why not you? I say “if the tiara fits…….”

  3. acfrancis Said:

    Thanks for the good laugh – you crack me up. I’ve never done spinning – but I would think that almost everyone’s first experience isn’t so great.

    I have really stepped up my workouts because of you – you’ve really inspired me!

  4. Sarah Said:

    Riding a bike always makes my bum hurt! I have a few tricks. Use a thick kotex pad next time, it helps! I also bought a gel bike seat cover, it takes the edge off. You can just stick it on during class. I think bikes should be equipped with bench seats. Honestly who thought of the tiny triangle that permenantly wedges itself into your bum?

  5. Bridge Said:

    As I said… I hate spinning. /sigh

    I congratulate you on staying for the hour. I honestly probably couldn’t.

  6. Auntie L Said:

    What the heck is spinning? It sounds like something I have no desire to do, Thus I won’t do it.

  7. mok Said:

    Funny and sad at the same time. Shall I tell you about the time I came in last by 20 minutes in the “Mother’s Bicycle Race” at the Fairview 24th of July celebration? It’s too awful to contemplate! As for the bycycle seat, it was designed by saddlemakers, that’s why it gives people saddle sores. It’s amazing how a poorly designed piece of equipment can continue on for over a hundred years and countless sore posteriors, with no improvement. I guess I’ll put spinning on my “never do” list. Hang in there, you can’t let a sadistic bicycle get you down now! Speaking as a confirmed “drama queen” it’s not such a bad thing to be. Embrace your inner temper tantrums, you never did throw them as a baby, think of it as therapy to revisit a step in your maturity that you have to go back and do now in order to continue. Sort of like having to learn to crawl.

  8. […] under: exercise, food — library ninja @ 6:05 pm Today we went to spinning class. After my last spinning experience I had hoped to never again ’spin’ but alas, our sub-trainer decided that we should […]

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