I may never drink Pepsi again

I’m afraid that if I don’t say something upbeat and positive soon about this whole weight loss thing, you’ll all become so disgusted with me that you’ll start throwing bricks. However, today is not that day.

On Wednesday mornings, my purple group participates in a ‘challenge’ in which we compete against the other teams. The team who wins these challenges gets a reward at the Saturday seminar and they are pretty nice rewards. Today’s challenge didn’t turn out so great and I’m pretty sure it’s all my fault. I’m also pretty sure it’s going to be true of every challenge we do. If things go poorly, it’ll be my fault.

When we walked outside to see what we’d be doing, there was a Pepsi truck at one end of a drive and a couple of pallets at the other end. Straps were attached to the bumper of the truck so that was our first clue. The second clue was the gloves we were all given. Our challenge, to race from the pallets to the truck, unload the four bays filled with cases of sports drinks (the equivalent weight of the pounds the ultimate loser participants hope to lose) and stack them on the pallets. We then had to grab the straps and move the truck to the other side, where we then refilled the bays.  My group decided to split into two teams and each team took one side of the truck. We left one person at the pallets to stack the cases and the other team members raced back and forth to unload the truck. I am not fast and certainly cannot run while carrying a 35 pound case of sports drink. I made it to the truck and back the first few times with the cases but then around my fourth trip I began to vomit. Yup, vomit. It’s an exercise first for me. I pushed myself to the point of vomiting. It sucked! I switched off with the person stacking and then helped pull the truck and re-load the cases but I was not in great condition so I don’t know how helpful I was.

Our time was around 10 minutes 35 seconds and I have no idea how this will stack up against the other teams. I do know that I was very little help to the group. And so if we lose, you (and I) will know exactly who to blame!



  1. Cricket Said:

    Karen, truth is Pepsi makes me ill too. Not diet Pepsi, I like that but you know coke is the real thing. I hope the vomit wasn’t too bad. You could be like me and have little or no control over your bladder so when I vomit I also pee a little bit. It could have been worse and all it proves is you my dear were giving it all you could! Keep on going you are doing GREAT!

  2. Auntie L Said:

    Yes but Dr Pepper beats them all. Sports drinks are worse for you than, shelves and ovens and pans etc. colas. and they really taste terrible. Now you know what my work days are like. I lift 35-50# things all day and rush around loading and unloading things from shelves, refrigerators, sinks, serving tables etc. It is blazing hot in the place even in winter. I have never vomited, but I have had many near faints. You are braver than me putting yourself through this torture and you pay them to do it to you. good luck.

  3. Teresa Said:

    Karen — that was quite the challenge! I’m sorry you had to deal with the vomit. That is no fun! I know how you feel about being to blame if the team loses. Don’t worry though. If they are like my team, they all feel like we win as a team and we lose as a team. The others on my team are very encouraging and just expect that I give it my all. If we still lose after that — they’re ok with it. I’m excited for our class work outs next week — matt pilates — my favorite! Not a great calorie burn, but very challenging and FUN!

  4. Bridge Said:

    Dang, that sounds rough. I would have tripped multiple times in that challenge, I think.

  5. Bridge Said:

    Sorry that ( and this) is loralee. I’m at bridgy’s

  6. mok Said:

    When you vomit your body is trying to tell you something. In this case maybe, quit taking things so hard. You are a terrific person and an asset to the team because of your personality and drive. Think of them as a family, not everyone is good at everything, but everyone is good at something, and we love each other even when we vomit.

  7. jess Said:

    you are right…you should try to be more positive. HOWEVER…it’s important to accept the negativity and experience it and then hold your chin up high.

    you have NOTHING to prove to anyone but yourself. not your team, not your family, not your friends, no one. just you. you are doing this for you and it’s important to never lose sight of that. it’s ok to have down days but you’ll die if you don’t have a good one here and there.

    hugs to you. i’m afraid to speak for everyone who reads this, but i’m proud of you and i bet they all are, too. we all think you’re pretty freakin cool.


  8. jess Said:

    p.s. i love diet mountain dew, a pepsi product. can you get me a discount?


    i’ll take a free case. heck, i’ll take a free six pack. a free 20 oz. even.

  9. MaryEllen Said:

    you are braver than I am. That sounds like a sucky challenge. You did not suck, the challenge did. You are amazing to even do this and to make your efforts public like this. Do not worry about what others think, none of them/us count. The person you are doing this for is you! You are doing a great thing. There are so many of us who love and applaud you and your efforts. You could never let us down. Love you!

  10. Oh, dear.. I am so sorry about the puke..and even more sorry that you are heaping blame upon yourself…reverse the buts sister! Instead of saying “I tried and I puked but we might fail” to “We might fail, and I puked, but I gave my all and was in there swingin!” I am sure that your team feels that way about it. *blows kiss to Jess* Dittos for me, Jess! I am more than proud! and you Karen are more than freakin cool! I mean… Sheesh! You helped unload/load and pull a Pepsi truck around the parking lot for crying out loud! WOW!

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