hey, all ya all, it’s sabotage!

I’m on freakin’ day 18 of my period and today was a bad, bad day.  I woke up with a horrendous headache and didn’t go to my group workout.  This is bad because I weigh-in tomorrow and I need every calorie burned I can get.  I made it to the gym tonight and plan to go tomorrow at 5 so I can get some time in before but I worry that I have sabotaged myself.  Yikes.  I hope tomorrow goes well!



  1. I was hoping your headaches would stay out of this 10 week deal…sounds like your body is pulling out all the stops to get you to give up. You have the drive and will to conquer it! I am so glad that you made it to the gym tonight in defiance of all. I’m sorry today was bad. I know you probably won’t see this till after but I wish you good sleep and the strength to meet all of your goals for tomorrow.

  2. mok Said:

    You and A must be controlled by the same hormone fairy. She is cranky as “heck” besides, but I’m pretty sure it’s not day 18 for her. You are my hero.

  3. Teresa Said:

    Day 18!?! Y I K E S!!! No wonder your first week was such a struggle. No wonder you are on an emotional rollercoaster. I’d be crying too!!! Hope your workout last night was good, that you ROCKED THE HOUSE on the weigh in, and that the spin class was less invasive than Tuesday’s. It was fun to visit for a minute last night. We must get together soon!

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