It’s all about the calories!

I’ve learned a lot about weight loss these last few weeks. Now, I’ve tried many different stratagies to lose weight. There was phen fen, weight watchers, atkins, some program purchased from a very convincing infomercial in the early 90’s… but this makes more sense to me than anything ever has. To lose weight you must burn more calories than you consume. Duh! But I never really connected it before. And it turns out that it really doesn’t matter–from a weight loss point of view–where your consumed calories come from. A calorie is a calorie. It doesn’t matter if it came from a doughnut or a vegetable. Now eating 1200 calories a day in doughnuts is a lost less healthy than eating 1200 calories of vegetables so thats where the food choices come into play. I’m making decent food choices and am trying to eat like a diabetic should (no soda, fewer carbs and sugars).  The diet part is going pretty well and all I can say is thank the good lord for ziti marinara smart ones and progresso light southwest vegetable soup!!!!

With this body bugg program I wear a armband with a small device that tracks my activity throughout the day. I download the information to my computer which tracks my calories burned and calories consumed. I’m wearing the band 24/7, with the exception of showers, and I can see exactly how many calories I burn during the day. I also record everything we eat, down to the 5 cal crystal light packet I put in my water, so I can see exactly how many calories I’ve consumed. My goal is to consume 1200 to 1400 calories per day and to exercise enough to have at least a 1000 calorie deficit at the end of it. On days I’m exercising for 2 hours my deficit is more like 2000-2400 calories and I can almost predict how much weight I’m going to lose each week. I simply add up my total deficit for the week and divide by 3500 (the amount of calories you must burn to lose a pound). What is most frustrating right now is that as I get more accustomed to exercising, my body is getting more efficient and I’m not able to get the calorie burn I was getting the first few weeks. I’m not ready to run on the treadmill yet (mostly because I shake the machine something fierce when I run and it’s embarrassing) but walking quickly isn’t working anymore. I’ve got to come up with a stratagie! I’d really like to lose more than 3 pounds a week. I may have to go back to the gym for a third hour tonight. Ugggg!!!!

*This week our group class is pilates. Interesting thing about pilates, I burned the same amount of calories during our class that I would’ve if I’d slept in. I’d better at least lose some inches!



  1. Teresa Said:

    Pilates does help with the inch loss, which is a good thing because it doesn’t do much for the calorie burn. Did you like it? It’s one of my favorites — probably because it is less intense. I’m looking forward to it. I checked out the Progresso Light Soup site you linked to above — some of the recipes there look good. Maybe we’ll have to get together and try them out. 🙂

  2. jess Said:

    i love those smart ones. all of them.

    and i think pilates is hard.

  3. Karen.. try my twirling machine..the eliptical trainers… they are like a running bike (with no bad seat trauma) I like it because it is not hard on my knees like the pounding they get from running/treadmills…it is a little (ok a lot) easier than running cuz the pedals pick up your feet so that your legs don’t get tired before you have gotten the cardio workout you wanted….I also like the heart monitor that is built it to the handles so that you can try to maintain a fat burning heart rate and not go too fast to miss the aerobic target (I love techie gizmos).

    I have tried the ellipticals at SPARC and I liked one of them better than the other.. try both kinds and see if you like ’em… (they have a pseudo nordic track thing that was the pits.. it isn’t that) They feel a little awkward for me unless I don’t use the hand bars..I like it better to swing my arms normally like a runner and only hold the hand bars when I take a heart reading. good luck!

  4. Bridge Said:

    That is my favorite smart one too!

  5. mok Said:

    Fie upon the choice between eating and napping and exercising. Then you tell me some exercise doesn’t even burn more calories than sleeping in! This is not good. I now have another way to justify naps. It seems that you are getting better at this, and it’s less stressful. If that’s true I’m glad you feel better.

  6. Sarah Said:

    I went to the gym yesterday and a girl next to me, on the treadmill, worked out for the same amount of time I did (45min). She changed between running and walking at an incline of 10. I stayed at an incline of 0 and walked at a pace of 3.2(pathetic I know). She burned 800 calories! I only burned 200. So this morning I decided to try an experiment. I walked at a pace of 4.0 and no incline for 10 minutes and then I walked at a pace of 3.2 with an incline of 5 for 10 minutes. I burned about 30 more calories. I am not a runner either, but I can walk on an incline. It seems you can burn more calories that way. I walked for 45 minutes today changing my speed and incline randomly and I burned 370 calories. That is 170 more then yesterday! Anyway you probably already know this tidbit of info, but I thought I would share. And yes I am the creepy person who walks on the treadmill next to people and reads their workout summaries on their machines (:

  7. Shiner Said:

    Please keep in mind that if you want to lose weight in a healthy way, you want to focus on slow and steady weight loss; 1-2 pounds/week, no more. It took time to put the weight on, so be patient while taking it off again. Focus on overall health in the mean time.

    I’m anxious to lose weight as well. Getting married in Jamaica in a year, I want to look great when I get married in the sand. For the past four weeks I’ve been working out 5 times/week while meeting a personal trainer 1-2 times/week. A couple of things I’ve picked up from him:

    1.) For weight loss, he prefers the arc/elliptical trainer to the other cardio equipment. he feels you get a better more well rounded workout from it. He has me on it at least 5 times/week on a “cardio” setting that fluctuates a lower level of resistance and then a higher level alternating. Gets my heart going great. I monitor every 5-10 minutes to make sure I am no over doing it. (Can’t believe how much more fit my heart feels after four weeks. it’s awesome!)

    2.) He does put me on the other cardio equipment as well, but mostly has me use the elliptical. We use the other equipment and mess around with resistance and incline and what not b/c after time of exercising if you are doing the same routine, your body catches on to what your doing and becomes less effective with the program. You have to shake it up, throw in twists and turns to catch it off guard. 🙂

    3.) He has me do weights 3x/week. Weights are going to be very beneficial in your weight loss program. That muscle burns fat even while you sleep. So please, pump some iron. He works me hard but of course our focus is less weight and more reps as I don’t want to come out looking all pumped up. He works me great. Our workout this past Tuesday really had my heart going and I was sweating.

    Perhaps consider spending some money on a trainer. if funds are tight, drops some hints to loved ones that it would make a great x-mas gift. It’s a great investment and so much fun to have a partner there to help you lose the right way and most effective way.

    (P.S. in his opinion, you should not be at the gym more than an hour or hour and a half. You should be able to get the job done in that amount of time. He’s short like me and laughs at the big knuckle heads that are there for hours. Waste of time if you’re doing it right.)

  8. I’m actually aware of all this. I am working with a trainer in this program and we spend 2 days a week working with him, one participating in a competition activity and 2 days taking a new class (spinning, water arobics, step training, pilates, yoga…) to shake things up and find new activities that we enjoy and can incorporate into our real lives. I also attend a nutrition seminar once a week to make sure that we are eating correctly to sustain a healthy weight-loss and lifestyle. While right now I’m losing more than 2 pounds a week (4-5) and when the 10 week competition is over,I plan to ease back on my workouts and aim for a 2 pound weekly weight-loss. Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate all the help I’m getting. Good luck on your wedding preparations!

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