That’s It! I Quit!

I’m going to write about this morning while I’m still feeling the emotion of everything but I warn you… it’s not pretty.

Today we had our weekly challenge and it, how do I say this nicely?, BLEW!!! We were told to meet at the stadium and I had heard rumblings about a stair challenge so that is what I was expecting. What I was not expecting was the magnitude of stairs that would be involved. My friend, Teresa, did the ultimate loser thing last year and she told me what last years stadium challenged involved. They had to climb up and down each set of stairs, upper and lower, on one side of the stadium (the blue seats). Horrific! I know! Well, that isn’t what happened today. We had to go up and down each staircase in the entire freakin’ stadium! The entire thing! An estimated 5000 steps (I was promised that the steps would be counted so I would know exactly how many). I knew half way through the first set of stairs that I couldn’t do it. Stairs haven’t been my friend and I get completely winded when we workout on the stair case at the gym so to face the stadium was awful.


The bulk of my team did really well and some even finished in 20-30 minutes. It took me over an hour. One other person on my team was slow like me so I wasn’t completely alone but by the time we finished it was just us, one other great & supportive team member and the ultimate loser organizers, Nick & Dan.  I mean really, we took so long that every one had to leave! I’m such a loser.

I started gagging at about 2/3rds of the way and it was all I could do to keep going. I wanted to quit so, so badly and I frankly don’t know what kept me going. When I finally reached the end I burst into tears because my car keys were on the other side of the stadium and I didn’t think I could go get them. I also finally let the vomit demon win and up came last nights dinner all over the stadium wall, a nice little treat for all the other teams. I’m seriously debating on dropping out of this whole thing because that worse than I could’ve imagined. I don’t think I can face another day like today.



  1. MaryEllen Said:

    how awful and totally hellacious!!!!!! I know how winded I get on game day when I have to climb the stairs to get to the east side ticketing area, then go down them a few hours later to turn in my attendance numbers, only to go up again for the rest of the game, go down to the turf for end of game and then up the stairs again to leave. I hate it soooooooo much. I looked at the stadium and thought of Teresa last year and hurt for her. You having to do the whole flippin’ stadium is agonizing me to my core for you!!!! That said, please do not quit. You can do more now than you did a few weeks ago. It cannot get worse than today was. You can do this. You really can. I want you to succeed and I know deep down that you want to succeed too. You will conquer this! You are a ninja! You fear nothing! You are awesome!

  2. Teresa Said:

    Karen, I don’t even know what to say. Just the blue seats absolutely killed me last year. I got in my car and cried for twenty minutes when it was through. Plus, I walked like I had a board up my butt for the entire week following. I am SO VERY PROUD of you for finishing. You don’t have to worry about being the last one or beating any one else’s time! You accomplished something physically significant today. Would you have even ever imagined doing something this monsterous a short four weeks ago? YOU TOTALLY ROCK!

    I’m regretting the peanut butter sandwich I just ate. I imagine it will end up on the stadium wall with you last night’s dinner. Hang in there friend. It really doesn’t get any worse than today!

  3. Bridge Said:

    You can’t quit! If you can do that you can do anything!!! Wow, I can’t even imagine. Is the stadium open to the general public? I would totally go do this challenge for you in spirit. I would puke as well.

  4. Karen… I have no words to describe my sympathy pains for you…I ache for you..I don’t think I could do ALL of the stairs there… I am trying to describe how impressed I am feeling of you for enduring to the end and actually doing every stair!…supercalitremendoincredibawesomerifically proud of you?? Nope I can’t even make up one big enough to describe it. *mouth still open* Please don’t give up on this. The will to finish the stairs is the will you need to finish this. Focus on the finish line. Heart felt blessings your way.

  5. Cricket Said:

    Karen! You rock and your trainer is a jerk. If you want I will take him out and I don’t mean on a date! Keep on going! Look how far you have come, that spinning class! Only a few more weeks to go! You can do this you are doing this! We are in your corner and if you need anything please let us know. We check in on you every day and cheer you! You are an inspiration to us!

  6. Kstevensfam Said:

    It’s OK, you did it, you finished and that is huge!!! Keep it up, please don’t quit and don’t compare yourself to the others! You are you and your doing the best you can and better than I bet you ever thought you could.

  7. mok Said:

    I’m sure I can’t say anything more than the others have said. Give this decision some deep thought before you quit. CS Lewis said that the only people who really know about temptation are those who always resist it. Those who don’t resist it don’t really know hpw powerful it is and in that sense they are truly the most ignorant about it. I think it’s probably the same for this challenge. You don’t know about pushing through the pain until you do it. You’re becoming smarter all the time. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Who knows where this might lead?
    There is one thing I have been wondering about. What about the voting thing?

  8. Auntie L Said:

    You did more than I ever could. I have such bad arthritis in my knees that I can barely walk some days. I work on my feet 8-9 hours a day and I had better not sit down, because it takes massive effort to get up again.I have to use the handicapped bathroom because if I use a regular one I really have to struggle to get off of te potty.

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