I ain’t no Pele!

Wow, my legs hurt something fierce today!  I got up to head back to the gym this morning and wasn’t sure if I could make it down the hall.  Yeeks!  Today we played soccer but seeing as I cannot play soccer I played “run wherever the hell the ball goes and avoid getting kicked”.  I unintentionally blocked 2 balls with my arms and that was a good time.  I pretty much suck at the organized sports but it was fun and that was a blessed relief.  The last 20 minutes we switched to basketball and while I was still playing the same “wherever the ball goes” game, I actually managed to score, twice.  Pretty good for a girl such as myself and I like to think I did my basketball playing siblings (and nephew) proud.

Tomorrow is the weigh-in and I’m worried that this wasn’t a good week for me.  I didn’t go to my group workout monday morning because I had a bad–read hormonal–headache and I did not go back to the gym yesterday to put in my personal hour.  There was just no way in hell that was happening!  I’ve tried to keep the calories on the low end and so we’ll see that helps make up for my lack of activity.  Tomorrow I’ll go ahead and heed the call of the scale, but I fear it won’t be pretty!

On another note…  um, I really wasn’t thinking about quitting.  Sorry if things sounded that way yesterday.  Carry on.



  1. Cricket Said:

    Glad to hear that you are back and kicking some ball! I usually try to avoid getting hit in the head with the ball. I hope that all is good tomorrow!

  2. Teresa Said:

    Good luck on the weigh in tomorrow! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for the both of us.

  3. mok Said:

    It’s good to hear a more positive note. Good luck on the weigh in. As always we love you. A is very much in your corner and is cheering you from the sidelines.

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