water jogging & vomit wednesday

Yesterday was super busy and so I didn’t get a chance to write about my workout adventures. Well, water aerobics is fun. Aside from the fact that they forgot to schedule the pool for our group so we only got a 30 minute class, I had a good time and a pretty good workout. I was sore so that was a good sign that I pushed it and it can be hard to tell if your getting a good workout while your in the water.

Today was our Wednesday challenge and if you’ll recall I’ve vomited during the last 2, so I’ve officially dubbed it “vomit wednesday”.

Today we had to go through an obstacle course, of sorts, for our challenge. It began with running a quarter of the gym to fetch a tennis ball, run it back, drop it, run half way up the gym, fetch a ball, back to drop it, etc and then replace 4 tennis balls on the gym court lines. However, we had to run sideways making this the toughest thing we did in the whole course, in my opinion. It killed me and I was panting pretty hard by the time I put all 4 balls back. We then had to do a ladder drill. We ran the length of the gym, stepping both feet in each square of the ladder and then back hopping outside/inside each square (and when I say run I mean walk as fast as my poor legs would go). We then had to do some weird side step zig-zag down the gym to a mat and did 20 full sit-ups. I’ve never done a “full” sit up this entire time. I’ve always copped out and done crunches. Ethan grabbed my feet to hold them down and I just went for it. I couldn’t do all 20 in a row but I tried to do them as fast as I could.

After that fabo moment, I grabbed a medicine ball and walked across a balance beam to another mat where I did 20 push-ups. Then I ran the medicine ball, backwards, back to where it had come from and ran back to begin picking up tennis balls again. After the balls were all put back I had to grab a strap attached to a bucket with a 55 lb weight and drag it, while walking backwards, around the track. This whole thing took me 12 minutes 53 seconds. The slowest time in my group, but I still feel pretty good about it (the fastest was 7 min 32 sec).

I did manage to break my vomit streak but I’m still going to stick with the vomit wednesday name. Maybe I’ll trademark it. It just fits, ya know.



  1. i love water aerobics! It is like trying to run in dreams or on the moon. It is a good work out but with no pounding on the knees or blistered feets. Sound like quite an obstacle course.. with lots of running (thankfully no crab walking… or vomit, for that matter). Keep up the great work!

  2. Teresa Said:

    Karen–you ROCK! That is an awesome time! WTG w/no Vomit! That challenge kicked my butt!

  3. Chelle Said:

    You are amazing!!! I have SO had “flatulence moments” whilst doing sit-ups at the end of aerobics, and, never having noticed anyone around me doing it, thought I just had a weird body. I have to say, though, that you win, because doing it while someone is holding your feet is probably more mortifying than doing it surrounded by fifteen perfectly coiffed aerobicisers. Ouch!!! But you kept going and did a great job!!! Way to kick some butt!!

  4. Cricket Said:

    Karen!!! I was thrilled to hear that you like the water aerobics. I always wanted to do them as one would not be able to tell how much I sweat when I workout. Plus the water thing is great and easy on the feet. I love that you keep going and nothing is going to stop you! You ROCK!!!

  5. mok Said:

    Wow! A good time was had by all. I have had some amazingly horrible “flatulence moments” of my own, so I “feel your pain.” Vomit free, but not flatulence free, maybe Wednesday is “internal/external exhibit day”. Why must the things inside us make their outside appearance when we are most stressed? It’s like the cherry on top of the humiliation sundae. Keep going and hold your head high. Much love.

  6. Teresa Said:

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