Triathlon trial

We had our triathlon challenge today and wowsers it was tough. We did the triathlon as a team so we split up the three events, running/biking/swimming, among the group. Those who swam, swam 12 laps, those who ran, ran 3 miles and those who biked, biked 12.5 miles. I drew biking along with another team member, Margaret. Now as you all know my last bicycling experience was less than kosher so I was feeling trepidatious, not to mention that the number 12.5 wasn’t inspiring me at all. Thankfully these bike seats were a bit wider than the bikes in the torture chamber I mean spinning room and so that wasn’t a problem.

I hopped on and started pedaling only to be told that I had to begin again because we had to put a “level 9” incline on the bike. So I went from thinking I could do it to knowing that this was going to kick my butt. About 2 miles into it I was hurting. At 4 miles was done and at the 8 mile mark I wanted to cry. Around mile 9 I stopped, for maybe 20 seconds, to take a moment. When I began pedaling again odometer on the bike had what I thought may have been a larger distance than when I had stopped. Had I really gone that much or were the triathlon gods smiling on me and the fact that I was attempting such a henious activity at 6 a.m.? I kept on pedaling and at around 10.5 miles stopped again for the briefest of moments and again the odometer had skipped ahead a few tenths of a mile. I didn’t say a word to anyone but it would appear that I got a “magic” bicycle!!! *Hallelujah* I kept on pedaling now that I knew the end was in site and that my bicycle was my friend. My other team members were done by this time (no one is as slow as me!) and had come to cheer Margaret and I along as we got to the home stretch. It helped to have people around so I wasn’t able to focus on my misery as much. My trainer stood next to me and cheered me on by telling me things like “you only have 2 miles to go!” when I really had 3.4 more. I’m not proud to admit that I used my “get out of 3 tenths of a mile free” card once more before the end of the 12.5 miles but I did. That bike is my friend and I’ve named her “Angelica”. Perhaps I’ll bring some candles and a picture of some heavenly angels tomorrow morning and create a little shrine around it. Margaret (who is in her 60’s) rocked on the bike and with the help of one more odometer gift I was able to finish as well. It took me around 45 minutes–I’ve blocked out the exact time.

Do I feel guilty? A little. Do my legs ache? Hell yes they do. Would I do it again? That’s hard to say. Can I use the magic bike?

P.S.  For anyone interested, the magical stationary bike is on the right side, top row in the equipment room at the sport’s academy and is the second one in from the stairs.



  1. teresa Said:

    Yeah, Karen! I knew you could do it. I’m glad you found the magical bike! 😉 They had you set it at a 9? Last time we did this it was only at a 5. Sheesh. They are getting tough! I’m proud of you! 45 minutes is a very good time. As I recall, last time, our fastest was around 37 or 38 minutes and she was a big-time bike enthusiast and spinner.

  2. granola bar queen Said:

    Way to go Karen! I am so glad you decided not to skip this challenge. What a great accomplishment!(even with the magic bike!)

  3. Bridge Said:

    Wow… all of those would have kicked my butt… at least you didn’t have to do all 3.

  4. Cricket Said:

    You just keep going and going! I can’t believe the control you had over Thanksgiving! Sugar free pie? Was it good?

  5. mok Said:

    I would like to say I prayed you onto the magic bike, but unfortunately my prayers incline to less imaginative solutions than magic leaping ahead of the odometer. In any case Yea! It’s amazing to me considering I can only peddle about half a block before my legs refuse to work anymore.

  6. *laughs at the bolded Hallelujah and shrine joke* I’v missed your posts over the holiday.. so glad you had a good time (and were so good!). I groaned for you as I read that you drew out the bike portion of the tri… I am thrilled that it turned out to be a better (and highly blogable) experience with the stationary bike. *hoorays* I love your guts, Karen!

  7. MaryEllen Said:

    Yeah, hooray, you are back and alive. I think you rocked on the bike. 12.5 is nothing if you can do it on a 0 incline, but to do it at 9 is so hard, for me anyway. You rock! If you legs didn’t hurt so bad I’d say that you kick butt, but I am not sure they could reach that high if they are that sore.

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