How much sleep does a person need!?!

Well, this morning went spectacularly down the toilet.  I was planning to get up at 5 so I could get my personal workout finished before group.  I set the alarm last night and then conked right out.  I awoke at 6:30 which is 30 minutes late for class.  This blows.  I must have sent the alarm for p.m. rather than a.m.  All I could do was reset the alarm for 8:30 and I went right back to sleep.  I awoke at 9 freakin’ 30!  (again with the p.m. setting!)  So at this point I’m running late for work.  This is so not how I wanted to begin my day.  I got ready in record time and ran the errands that absolutly had to happen.  I was 15 minutes late to the library but still managed to get there before we opened the doors.

So now not only do I have to find time this evening to workout but I also missed my group class which blows.  I also need to put in an extra long personal workout to make up for the missed calorie burn before the dreaded weigh-in tomorrow morning.  This day has completely gone to hell!



  1. teresa Said:

    Karen — I can so relate. Blame it on the long bike ride last night (I also rode the bike, but unfortunately, it was not the magical bike). I am usually a restless sleeper and look at the clock several times during the night. I didn’t even roll over. I heard the alarm go off at 6. The next thing I knew it was after 7 and I was also running late for work, not to mention that I felt like I had a 200 pound weight on my chest. I could so use a nap right now. You are not alone! I hope your day is not totally marred by the late start. Perhaps I’ll see you at the dreaded gym later. 🙂

  2. mok Said:

    This is also something I can relate to. However, I have been home for two days with some incredibly annoying disease that produces blinding headaches and fever. You cna’t do anything about the past, just go one and knock ’em dead tomorrow.

  3. Loralee Said:


    I am too sick to work out with you which SUCKS. You are my hero…You KNOW how I feel about early mornings!

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