I’m really behind in the weight-loss updates. Let’s just say that things have slowed down but I have high hopes that it will all pick up for the final 3 weeks. That being said, I missed the challenge this morning. I’m so completely stressed out about my pta responsibilities that I could not for the life of me turn off my brain and fall asleep last night. I kept worrying about what I needed to get done and what I was forgetting. When it was time to get up and be tortured by whatever unpleasant challenge had been cooked up I was too tired to face it.

I’m planning on going to the gym tonight and working out with my friend and so I’ll have to up the effort. I have been trying to push things harder this week in general. Monday mornings workout with Ethan was killer and I was breathing hard the entire hour. I never got a break between activities because I’m slow to finish. By the time I’ve completed one thing (laps, ladders, etc.) everyone has gotten a drink and is ready for the next thing. This is the thing that bothers me the most right now. I’m so much stronger now and can do the things we are asked to do–I even did the bear crawl!– but I’m slow and I hate being so far behind. Perhaps missing the challenge this morning was a good thing. My team may actually represent in todays challenge and I must admit that it was nice not to cry or vomit on this Wednesday morning. ;-D

I also never posted the results of last Fridays weigh-in so here they are:

Starting Weight: 301
Current Weight: 282
Total Weight Lost: 19
Total Inches Lost: 6.5 – I think it’s more…
% of Weight Lost: 6.31%



  1. granola bar queen Said:

    Hang in there Karen! You’ve got a great start. Keep it up!!!

  2. Bridge Said:


    I am proud of you. /sigh Will you come kick my butt? Um,… next week?

  3. Teresa Said:

    Only a little more thank two weeks left now. You have really done such a good job during this whole event. I know you will finish strong! GO KAREN!

  4. Aunt Amy Said:

    Karen–I’m not only a loser blogger, but a loser commenter; however, I’m so psyched for you. Plus, I want a post on how you feel better about yourself minus the 16 pounds. Keep up the great work!

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