Results at week 8

Well it’s Friday again… you know what that means!  Weight loss update!  But before I get into that I just want to say that I’ve been hormonal all freakin’ week.  This means that I’ve cried, fought with headaches and have been, in general, completely unmotivated.  I haven’t put in the workout time that I should have and so I feel some guilt about my weight loss.  Other team members gave a lot more than I and had a disappointing week.  I apologized to Ethan because I sometimes feel that I’m not working as hard as everyone else and he said that he knows I’m working hard.  I’m carrying around 100 more pounds than the majority of my other team members and I guess that is true.  Perhaps if we strapped 100 lbs onto the backs of everyone else they would be as slow as I. 

“Aunt Amy” commented on my last post that she wants to hear me talk about how happy I am with my progress and how I’m feeling about things.  To be honest, I’m not really feeling yet that I’ve accomplished what I could have.  I’m often disappointed with myself and the level of work I put out.  My attitude is that of a whiny baby and I want to quit a lot of the time.  To be honest, while I feel wretched about skipping a group workout or an individual workout, I often do it anyway.  I suspect the largest factor in my weight loss number is the fact that (aside from my fall off the wagon over thanksgiving) I keep my calorie intake, quite strictly, to 1200 -1400 calories a day.  Even on days when I don’t do anything extra, like Sunday, I burn 2200+ calories so I’m averaging a 1400 calorie deficit every day.  Simple mathematics says that I’m going to lose weight.  Can I lose more… that would be a resounding “yes”.  Am I willing to put more work into it… that really depends on the day.  All I know is that I feel better about myself when I lay down night, if I have spent at least an hour exercising.  And that my friends, is something!

So here it is, the results of week 8:

Starting Weight:  301
Current Weight: 277
Total Weight Lost: 24 lbs
(I’ll fill in the % lost later)

Yup, you read that right.  I’ve lost 24 lbs.  Go me!



  1. Teresa Said:

    WAHOOO, Karen! Way to Go!

  2. Sarah Said:

    I am impressed that even under so much stress you loose weight! I would have gained 5 pounds. You are amazing! 24 pounds is a lot!

  3. granola bar queen Said:

    Good job Karen! I think it is great that you have been so consistent with your calorie intake. I personally think that controlling the eating has the biggest impact on weight loss. Sure, it is so much better to be exercising too and you feel so much better, but if you’ve got the eating thing down, that is most of the battle. I have to tell you that I’ve been trying to get up early and get on the treadmill every morning because my walking partner is out of commission for awhile. It is so hard, but I think of you every morning and, most of the time, it gets me out of bed. Thanks for motivating me. Keep up the good work. I am so proud of you!

  4. Wowzers! Great job Karen!! You are doing it! I am proud of you eating so good! Now don’t get trunky on these last weeks. Use their program and equipment while you’ve got it – you paid for it, girl!

  5. Kstevensfam Said:

    YEAH!! I too have been a mean grouchy person this week. I warned the daycare kids today and yesterday. I am in a mean angry mood so be as good as you can be because I don’t see many tickle the grouchies out or even warnings headed your way today. Yesterday a little 3 year old bit her brother and I opened the door and told her to walk home she can’t be at my house if she was going to bite. She stood on the bottom step and howled for a minute and then I let her come back in after she told me that she would only use her teeth to bite food!

  6. mok Said:

    The amazing benefits of a reved up metabolism! Great job. Can’t wait to see you again. I skimmed your comments and flashed on the Stones singing Honky Tonk Woman when I saw the “bar queen” (I missed the granola part at first glance) Your blogs are always good for a little shot of adrenalin.

  7. Aunt Amy Said:

    “All I know is that I feel better about myself when I lay down night, if I have spent at least an hour exercising. And that my friends, is something!”

    That’s great!

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