final challenge

Today I participated the final challenge of the competition. I hated it of course but am so glad I finished it. We were told this challenge was all about the weight we’ve lost and hope to lose and so this is what they came up with to torture us illustrate the point.

We had to carry a total of 230 lbs around the track. There were two 45 lb, two 35 lb, two 25 lb & two 10 lb weights. When Dan first told us how this would work he said we’d be carrying the weights as a team. I thought that meant that we’d decide who would carry the 45’s the 35’s etc. I believe any reasonable person would have thought this. However, it turned out that we each had to carry 230 lbs and the “team” business was simply that the team would share our collective times. Yuck!!!! Here is how it was broken down. We had to take each of the 45 lb weights twice around the track (totaling 4 times around), each of the 35 lb weights three times around, each of the 25 lb weights four times and then the 10 lb weights 5 times around each. I believe the total distance we went was 2 miles and carrying weights while doing it was brutal. I could barely carry the 45’s and had them clutched to my chest, praying that I wouldn’t drop them on my toes. The 35’s really didn’t feel that much lighter. I tried carrying them on my back, with one arm, pressed to my chest and basically every which way I could and was never able to find a comfortable, manageable way to do it. This was the same for the 25’ers. Frankly by the time I’d walked eight times around the track with a 25 lb weight I couldn’t tell the difference between it and the 45’s! By the time I got to the 10 pounds I was exhausted but still had ten laps. Grumpy much? I then, with only four laps to go & carry the last 10 lb weight, went to… the puking place. I started the coughing and gagging which is the precursor to my exercise puking. Seriously, I was almost freakin’ done! So I sucked it up –figuratively– and got past it. I finished the whole thing in 43 minutes 50 seconds. Last (again) but happy that I’d made it.

I’m really feeling the pain right now in my knees and back and my arms are also pretty sore. Curses upon the heads of those who think up these challenges. They suck!



  1. Teresa Said:

    GOOD JOB, KAREN! That sounds like a hard one. Considering the challenge, I think you got a fabulous time. Hang in there. The finish line is within sight.

  2. I can’t even picture myself being able to do this challenge… *looks sideways at dinky 2lb workout weights then at own praying mantis wrists* I am amazed, as always, by your determination to do the difficult things! Hooray for it being the last and double hip-hip for no puking! I’m sorry for the sore arms and knees, tho… hot shower hugs!

  3. mok Said:

    Yea You! I think you’re the best, of course I already did, but this confirms it. Now you know you can do anything.

  4. Teresa Said:

    So, are your arms just a mass of bruises today from carrying those weights? Mine match your team color. grrrrrr

  5. Auntie L Said:

    Thats how I feel after every workday. I am on my feet 8hrs a day,m walking, lifting, sometimes 45#, and standing. My feet are really hurting today and my knees are as stiff as boards. I literally feel your pain!

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