owie, owie, owie

I hurt today.  My shoulders ache, my arms ache and I have big bruises on my forearms.  That weigh carrying challenge did a number on me.  Then lets add to it the four miles I walked/jogged/lunged/climbed/bear crawled this morning… owie, owie, owie.



  1. Teresa Said:

    I hear ya. I didn’t realize last night how many muscles we were using carting those weights around. My whole upper body is on fire.

  2. Chelle Said:

    I haven’t read anything for the last two weeks, I just had to check in and tell you that I am so amazed at the way you have stuck with it. I talked with one of your teammates yesterday (Friday) and she said that you were one of three, I think, to turn up for the class. Props to you for sticking it out, even though it hasn’t gone perfectly. I think you are amazing!

  3. I was looking at your team’s numbers this morning… I am so impressed with how hard you have worked during this thing! Your numbers show that you have you lost a bigger percent than anyone on your team BY FAR – more than double all of them! That is just awesome! Finish strong!

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