The Final Countdown

You skip a couple of days blogging and it seems like such a big production to start up again! I didn’t write about last Friday’s weigh-in because frankly it was uber-disappointing. I didn’t lose anything and while I wasn’t the most accurate with my food logging last week, I know I burned more calories than I ate. Was the “no loss” status due to my eating? Was it because of my hormones? Was it because the universe hates me? I don’t know but I was very unhappy about it.

We’re into the final week and I need to lose 6 more pounds in order to meet my 10% loss goal (30 pounds) for this competition. 6 is a big number but if I manage it, it will be my biggest loss yet.

My workouts are going pretty well. There are no special classes this week and we’re working with Ethan everyday. The purple team is nearly extinct now, only 3 of us are showing up each morning. Ethan has been able to take us out to work on the weight machines because our group isn’t too large. Yesterday nearly killed me and I almost vomited (again) after one particularly arduous set. I have to say that Jen and Margaret are rocks. Neither of them has missed a single day and they are very inspiring to me. It’s also really fun working out with the two of them and Ethan. These three people have had a big hand in getting me to where I am right now and I value the support and encouragement they’ve lended me.

Today, after our group workout, I sought out the scale to see if last week had caught up to me yet and guess what… I’ve lost 4 pounds. That brings my unofficial total to 28 pounds lost. If I can get 2 more pounds in the next 3 days I’ll have met my goal! So for the next 3 days I’m keeping my calorie consumption as close to 1200 a day as I can. I’m eating Smart Ones again because they have a controlled portion and I can’t cheat and say I ate 1 cup of soup when I really ate 2. I’m not drinking any coke this week (my biggest weakness) and there will be no cheese. –sniff– I *heart* cheese. Sadly, my work party is on Thursday and is catered (by Culinary Concepts). This is usually a very delicious meal but I won’t be able to eat anything because I can’t accurately track the calories and I worry what it will do to my number on the scale the next morning. I’m thinking that I’ll bring along a plastic container so I can take my dinner home and eat it on Friday for lunch (is that tacky?). I really would like to end this 10 weeks with a bang and begin the rest of my journey with a good start. So hear is to calories burned. May I burn more than I’ve ever burned before!



  1. Teresa Said:

    Go Karen! You can do it!

  2. Thanks Teresa… You can do it too! 🙂

  3. Bridge Said:


    You can totally do it. Go fight win!

  4. mok Said:

    Yeah! It’s tacky, and you don’t need the calories the next day either. That’s why we regain weight. Take something home in a napkin if you must, but you’ll feel better and not worry about tacky if you don’t take your own container. Just my point of view, not necessarily correct, and certainly no expert on how to avoid tacky.

  5. You’re right mom, if I shouldn’t eat it tomorrow I shouldn’t eat it. This is a very hard concept but one I must embrace. So…

    “goodbye delicious cheesy vegetables”
    “goodbye delectable chicken cordon blu”
    “goodbye sweet, sweet cherry cobbler w/ vanilla icecream”
    “goodbye fluffy rolls with real butter”

    I will miss you!

  6. Loralee Said:

    FOUR POUNDS!!!! You can do it, Karen!!!

    Hmmm…I would at least sneak a roll and a cookie or something. You don’t have to totally deprive yourself.

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