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Well, I’ve decided to temporarily retire my old blog and focus my energies here. While losing weight isn’t all there is to me, it’s a huge part of what I’m doing for myself right now and blogging about the journey has been helpful.

I haven’t set any official new year’s resolutions but I do have goals about becoming a healthier me in 2008. I’ve gotten off to a great start by participating in the Ultimate Loser program and now the real test begins… can I keep going.

The last 2 weeks have been an adventure in figuring out a new routine. I’m no longer a member of the Sports Academy and my routine revolved around going to that facility at 6 am every morning. Through my work I have a free membership to the cities rec. center (it’s pretty much my only perk) and it would be silly not to take advantage of it. Having said that… I really, really miss the Sports Academy. I miss the options available there and I miss seeing familiar faces. It’s amazing how important those friendships became to me during the 10 weeks. Now that I don’t have any group accountability it’s been a lot harder.

I gained around 4 pounds over the holidays and will be working to catch up to that initial 10% (30 lb) goal I set back in October. After that I’m planning to set another 10% goal of 27 pounds to complete by the end of March. I’ve renewed my bodybugg subscription so I can continue to track my calories in and out and I’m going to continue blogging about my daily accomplishments and set backs. I’ll confess, it’s hard to admit when I screw up. I tend to want to create a rosy picture of how it’s going, but in order for this blog to help it needs to reflect what is really going on. I expect there will be highs (and lows) but I’m in this for the long haul and you can join me, the Big Fat Loser, as I tackle my greatest challenge.



  1. Teresa Said:

    Yeah, Karen. I’m glad you’ll be keeping this blog up. I’ve enjoyed reading about your adventures. I’ve thought about blogging my weight loss journey too, but I haven’t had time yet. Perhaps I’ll try. Unfortunately, I gained a few more than 4 pounds. However, I started Boot Camp tonight, so hopefully that will kick me in the butt! Good luck. I’ll be rooting for you!

  2. acfrancis Said:

    You really raised my anxiety level when I couldn’t find your blog – I’m glad to know you’re still around! You know your posts totally crack me up and I’ve missed them. I enjoy reading about exercise induced vomit, bicycle seat molestation, crying women, etc.

    Glad you’re back!

  3. mok Said:

    I’m glad you’re back! More power to you, I think it’s symbolic that you are retiring Art of Invisibility, you no longer want to be invisible! You’re stepping up and taking charge. It makes me a little mommy weepy. I’m going to Peggy Sharp on Friday in SLC! Wish you could come too.

  4. Amy Rogers Said:

    Go Karen!!!
    You are an inspiration in more ways than just weight loss, I think of you often. I can’t believe I haven’t seen you in like 50 years. Any way I would love to read your blog. Perhaps I too could go on a quest. TO loose those last 40 lbs of baby #6 which has really grabbed a hold of me especially in the butt and thigh region. Any way here is too all of us in the new year. Good Luck

  5. Loralee Said:

    Glad that you are continue here, my friend.
    Think of all the extra calories you burned shoveling your car out this morning?!

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