still making the holiday recovery

I have finally gotten back on track with my diet and exercise. I tried last week to go to the rec. center but my employee pass had expired on Dec 31 and thus when I showed up on Jan 2 it was no good. I did pay my $4 buckaroos so I could use the treadmill that day but didn’t go back until the 4th with my new pass. Along with figuring out the whos and whats of my exercise plan I also bought a new scale so that I can have a consistent place to track my weight. I’ll continue to update my current pounds lost on Fridays and so look for those delightful *optimistic much 😉 posts.

The whole “eating well” thing did not fly during the holidays and I discovered that it will take a hell of a lot more that 10 weeks to rid me of my desire to consume Coke and pizza. It does not help that these items can be delivered to my door when I’m feeling uninspired by the thought of cooking. Coke is my achilles heel my friends and I will love it for always! (and yes, I’ve tried coke zero and diet coke… they blow six ways from sunday)

I’ve been going to exercise after work and thus far that is working out well. I cannot make myself get up at 5:30 anymore now that it is snowy. Clearing snow off my car, in freezing temperatures, to go and participate in an activity which in inheriantly dislike, in the wee morning hours, is pushing things to far. Perhaps when spring arrives and the snow goes away I’ll get back to my a.m. gym schedule. I actually liked being up that early, it’s just a matter of convincing myself, whilst lying in bed, that this is not a crazy, dreamed up notion of mine.

My nutrition and caloric intake is also getting back to a good place now that I’m back to a regular schedule. I find it much easier to make the good choices when I’m working a regular work week. Weird, I know. So that is how things stand as of… now. Tonight I’m planning to spend another 50 minutes on the treadmill and then seek out some stairs to climb. I hate stairs but I burn lots of calories when I make them part of my workout. I’m even half planning to see if the stadium is open after the snow melts so I can walk all those stairs again. I’ll just need to remember not to read my previous stadium post before hand.



  1. Lisa Said:

    So proud of all you are doing! You are really splediferous! I would love to be your Coke 12 step sponser…I am currently 1 year 5 months and 6 days sober *grins* it is a hard one.. the first time I tried to kick it I drank the lessser version, that I didn’t like, and it still took a few months…cold turkey is the only way… you have to push through the cravings… I wish they had a patch for that darkly sweet goodness…*smacks self*

    Stairs… There is some great stairs in the big new gym at SV. It’s great cuz they have a balcony track and four sets of cases (one on each corner) can go up one set then walk the plateou or a lap and then back down to do it again… it is in the hall strait west of the rec office..door is on your left if you are facing west (main SV doors).. good luck!

  2. mok Said:

    “Eating Well”? Does that mean doing a good job of eating? If so I’ll have to quit spilling down my front at every meal. If it means giving up PEPSI I will have to pass. Good luck on your goals, and I’ll be cheering from the sidelines. The sidelines is a nice place for chubby Pepsi lovers.

  3. Teresa Said:

    Karen — glad you are getting back into a routine. I really really miss my workout group from the challenge. I started bootcamp, but it is a really full class w/ only about 5 of us that are older than 26 and I believe I’m the only one that could be classified as overweight. I ended up bailing about 5 minutes in last night because I just couldn’t take it (probably more of a mental block than anything). I’ve paid for it, so I’ll continue going for this month, but I don’t think I’ll be taking bootcamp again for a while. I’m thinking I might take the nutrition 101 class and stick to the treadmill and water aerobics.

  4. Nancy Said:

    Yay Karen! I have missed you! I am so glad to to hear how well you are rebounding from the holidays! You are awesome!

  5. Amy Rogers Said:

    Too bad you don’t like pepsi better, they have some great diet options in my opinion, carmel is a great choice. I once tried to get off the pepsi, its harder than quitting smoking if you ask me!!! Good luck

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