I’m walking but I’m not going anywhere

Ah, the joys of treadmills.  Don’t they bring to mind long winded history professors and watching congress on C-Span?  I feel a little hypnotized each and every time I get on a treadmill and will even, occasionally, close my eyes.  This, however, causes extreme dizziness and I end up putting on a little show as I nearly walk off the equipment.   I also can’t help but be a little voyeuristic when I’m on one.  I almost always look at the read-out panel of the person working out next to me.  How fast are they going?  How long have they been there?  Hey, person, did ya see that I’ve been here 10 minutes longer than you and your leaving now while I’m still going?  Do you acknowledge that I am fan-frickin’- tabulous?  Acknowledge me already!  (yes, I know, I’m problemed)

I need to shake things up!  This coming week I fully intend to add a water aerobics class to my routine.  The rec. center offers a deep water aerobics class on Tues, Thurs & Friday at 6:30  a.m. and so here is the plan…  I will workout after work on mon & sat, I will get my big ol’ butt out of bed at 5:15 a.m. on tues, thurs & friday and use the treadmill until 6:30 when I will join the class in the pool.  I’m going to try skipping Wednesday and having my 5th workout on Saturday after work.  This will, hopefully, help me by keeping my non-activity days separate.  I’m also hoping the variety will not only be good for me but that the addition of a scheduled class will help with the early morning rising situation.  I expect that these little changes to my routine, things like a new blue tankini bathing suit and water aerobic fun, will keep my motivation high.  🙂

As for my current status….

Starting Weight:  301
Current Weight: 271
Total Weight Lost: 30 pounds

Yes, the holiday weight gain is gone and I’ve finally, officially, hit the 10% of my body weight lost goal.  Yippie ky yi yea



  1. Teresa Said:

    Congratulations on reaching your goal, Karen! Your exercise schedule sounds fabulous!

  2. Nancy Said:

    Yippie Ky yi yea right back at ya! Good Job Karen!

  3. Duch Uncle Said:

    Here you are. Yippy skippy for you. Tracey says that your look much happier and wishes you continued success as do I.

  4. Loralee Said:


    I am going to have to start hitting the treadmill after The King and I. I hope I have half the discipline.


  5. Sarah Said:

    Hey I was just thinking I should do water aerobics again. I really enjoyed it the last time I did it. Would you like company?

  6. mok Said:

    Yay for you! I’m both proud and envious. Went to Peggy Sharp Friday. Good as always, I’ll send you my book when I;m through with it. Wow! Hugo got the Caldecott I was wondering what category they would put it in.

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