Today was an exercise in futility. I’m crampy and was not in the mood to go to water arobics and so I blew it off. I’m still crampy and mean and so I will also not be going to the gym tonight. This means that I’ll have to go tomorrow on my “day off”. Yuckity yuck. I hope I feel better then.

As for my general attitude about my diet/exercise… things are pretty good. I am *gasp* even enjoying myself in regards to these things. This is quite a change from them girl who managed to avoid her PE requirements in high school and always drove around the parking lot until she could find a spot up close.

I also want to begin sharing with the world my kick-ass workout tune of the week (aka KAW). This week it is:

The Pretender by the Foo Fighters (the greatest band evvah!) Enjoy!

What if I say you’re not like the others?
What if I say you’re not just another one in your place?
Your the pretender
What if I say that I’ll never surrender?



  1. Loralee Said:

    I am trying to gear up for a return to the gym after The King and I.

    I don’t think I’m there yet.


  2. mok Said:

    Hey! I’m a veteran at the kind of delaying tactics you describe. From where you are it’s a short step to abandoning your goal. Be Careful! Remember we love you and are praying for you. You have a life changing experience ahead of you so keep on going! Maybe I can give you extra incentive if I say I’ll give you $1,000.00 toward a new car if you make your goal by the end of the year. If so I will.

  3. Lisa Said:

    Okay so I watch the vid of the foo fighters…I liked the song.. in a killer workout song kinda way… but I really was bugged by the lead singers hair.. yea I know that he is an after Nirvana headbanger and all but I spent the time wanting him to push his hair back off his face.. I mean seriously *shakes head*.. now I know that he is busy strumming an all but maybe her should consider a ponytail.. or a nice barette even.. *snork*

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