14 weeks down

This morning I finally made it to the early morning water aerobics class.  My friend, Sarah, went and so I had a reason (other than, you know, my health and well being) to get out of bed and to the rec. center.  I enjoyed it and really the early morning hour isn’t that bad.  I think I the biggest block I’m having is that it’s cold and snowy and I hate the thought of cleaning snow and ice off my car so I can drive it.  I will say in my defense for not wanting to face the snow and ice that this morning as I was driving home I saw 3 cars that had slid off the road and that my own useless automobile was slippy sliddy too.  However, now that I know my friend will be there I can have no excuses so I’ll be going from now on.  As we were leaving I had a lovely note on my car.  Evidently I’d parked in the faculty/staff area and someone was none to pleased.  I’m going to assume they thought I was a student and I’ll be a better rec. center user next time.

As for my weekly weight report… I’m none to pleased.  I lost .8 of a pound.  That is nothing!!!  I’m clearly not doing something right.  I guess I’ll have to use that food scale I bought and start measuring and weighing my food.  I must be eating more calories than I thought.  I also need to up the exertion when I exercise.  I think I’ve been coasting, but if I’m going to participate in a 5K this spring I need to push myself.

Starting Weight: 301
Current Weight: 270
Total Weight Lost: 31



  1. teresa Said:

    Hang in there Karen. I decided to take the Nutrition 101 class at the gym. Our first was last night. I’m up 10 pounds. YIKES! You are doing great, and I am proud that you fought the snow this morning. Its so much harder to get out the door when you know you have to face the cold and snow. Here’s to getting back on track!

    Oh, what kind of food scale did you buy? I think I’ll need to invest in one. If you like the one you have, I’d be interested in hearing the specs.

  2. Bridge Said:

    Can I do the 5k with you?

  3. Pi-man Dave Said:

    got to love the notes on windshields. I was subbing in Dixie, and parked in a students spot (apperently they sell spots to seniors) well they not only stuck the note on the car but they glued it on right in the middle where I needed to see. I wasn’t too happy especially my property taxes paid and were paying for the school.

  4. mok Said:

    Losing 1 ounce is better than gaining one or not losing anything. Try putting a cover over your windows at night. It sure is easier than scraping. As for nasty notes, I have been guilty of placing them and getting them. It’s a better outlet for your ire than kicking the cat. If you get one you do want to kick the cat though, so it’s like pass the irritation.

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