End of week 15

Okay, I realize that I haven’t been posting with much frequency but to be honest without being involved in the competition there isn’t much to say other than:

“I went to the gym after work today and used the treadmill just like I did yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that, and the day before that…”

Pretty dull stuff.  I’m thinking that unless I have something brilliant to say or make a confession involving pizza and a 32 oz coke I’ll just stick to a weekly update of how the pound sheding is coming along.

So with that let me tell you about this week.  Yes, I’ve been to the gym every day to use the treadmill but CV has been experiencing -10 degree temperatures and there is no way in hell I’m venturing out at 6 a.m. to get into a pool in this kind of frigidity.  Also, Sarah has been unavailable this week so no one was expecting me.  Next week should be warmer and Sarah will have a husband at home to watch her kidlets so I should be back on for the water exercising thing.

One thing I discovered this week is that time passes much faster for me if I have something absorbing to read.  I have to hold a book in my hands to counteract the movement but if it’s a good read I’ll make it work.  Thus this week I read while I walked for part of the time.  I’ve also made it a goal to really push myself the last 15 minutes.  This means that I put down the book and crank up the volume on my ipod.  I’ve broken some personal records doing this and am feeling really pleased with my progress.  Last night I got my speed up to 4 mph (which is brilliant for me) and kept that pace going for nearly 10 minutes.  Having really rollicking music playing helps a lot.  My ipod is mostly full of great rock music by bands like the Foo Fighters, Offspring, Audioslave, Korn & NIN but I also have a good amount of pop and electronic music (I love when the shuffle hits something like Mika in between 311 tracks).  Last night, after about 30 minutes of walking, a song came on that sent me right back to middle school while simultaneously making me want to walk hard & fast.  Thus this weeks kick-ass work out song of the week is Blue Monday by New Order.  The version I’ve got on my ipod is 7+ minutes long and has a great beat.  This song got me up to “4” which was very, very cool.

So, now on to this weeks results:

Beginning Weight: 301
Current Weight: 268.6
Weight Lost: 1.4
Total Weight Lost: 32.4



  1. Bridge Said:

    YEAH!!! Another pound gone.

    I need some kick butt music.

  2. Sarah Said:

    I am excited to get back to water aerobics next week! I bet the old ladies wonder where we have gone.

  3. mok Said:

    Yea for music! Maybe my problem is the music I don’t listen to. I hardly ever listen unless I am driving and there is nothing on talk radio. I did listen to Hall and Oats on my way to Cokeville last Wed. Sadly I was not running at the time. I’m like the poor sap who gets caught with Michael Bolton on his playlist!

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