week 17–Snow, stairs and the pool

I have woken up, every single morning this week, at around 3:30 with a raging headache. I have no idea why. It’s bad. Especially since I’ve been trying to go to water aerobics in the mornings. I still went but it’s really no fun with a tender head. This weekend I’ve got to figure out what I’m doing wrong. I may need to get new pillows, drink more water before I go to sleep, turn down the heat and crack open a window, lose the body pillow… who knows what will work, but I can not continue on like this.

As for my exercise week… it’s been pretty good. I did go to the water aerobics class on Tuesday and Thursday morning (Tuesday’s instructor rocked and it was a great workout!) and I went to the gym Monday night for an hour. I was planning on going to the gym last night and to water aerobics this morning but CV was hit with a huge storm. I had even changed into my workout clothes at the library last night and planned on going straight to the gym but the roads were really slick and I was slippey sliddy so I decided I’d better focus on getting home. This morning around 3:30 (as I was getting some excedrin), I looked out the door and my car/driveway/stairs were covered in a deep blanket of snow. I knew that I couldn’t dig myself out in time to get to class, so I skipped it. I feel really bad as I think my friend Sarah was expecting me but really, it wasn’t going to happen. So, now I was going to need to go after work. Well, around 9 a.m. I got a call from my friend Chelle. She is training right now for a hiking trip to southern Chili and has been going to the Spectrum at the university to run stairs on Friday mornings.


When she called she cheerfully asked if I’d like to come along. Now, I know I’ve mentioned that I think doing some training with stairs would be good for me but when faced with the immediate possibility of it I instinctually responded, “I think I’m going to pass”. Now Chelle has been one of my major supporters and I don’t think she was planning on letting me off that easy, thus after a quick reminder that I’d said wanted to do this before, I agreed.

While I waited for her to pick me up I tackled the snow and got around 20 minutes of upper body work from digging out the stairs, sidewalks, mailbox and part of my car. I then walked 12 sets of stairs (a set is up and down a aisle of stairs) and walked the perimeter of the spectrum 9ish times. This took abound 40 minutes. Then when I got home I (with Chelle’s help) finished shoveling. All in all I’d say I got a good hour and 25 minutes of serious exercise and burned a total of 1120 cal–627 cal from the stairs! That totally rocks! It almost makes me want to do this every day… almost. In any case I’m feeling pretty good today. Thanks Chelle for not taking no for an answer!

For this weeks kick ass workout song I’m putting the song that qued up when I began stairs this morning, SexyBack by Justin Timberlake. Not only does it have a great beat but I find it hilarious that I was listening to a song about bring on the sexy when I was so very, very un-sexy!

So now on to this weeks results…

I don’t want to say!

Seriously it blows.

Okay, I didn’t lose freakin’ anything! I realize that my eating hasn’t been great, but not one day this week did I consume more than I burned and in fact, according to the numbers, should have lost at least 2 pounds. So I’m going to weigh myself tomorrow and let today’s activities settle in. Whatever the scale says tomorrow I’ll post but I cannot make myself put a no loss week, in numerals, today.



  1. Loralee Said:

    The snow was crazy today. I shoveled the walk and a little path to your car at midnight and then saw how much snow had piled up by the morning!

    I am totally proud of you. (And of Chelle for the whole Patagonia thing, of course)

  2. brigitteballard Said:


    Congrats on making it! Give me a call sometime if you do it again and I’ll come if I am not working!

  3. chantel Said:

    jey how do u join the big fat loser

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