Weight Update for Week 17

Okay, I weighed myself again this morning and so now this is official:

Starting Weight: 301
Current Weight: 268
Weight Lost: .6
Total Weight Lost: 33

Not a stellar week.  However, yesterday I finally went down to the Sports Academy and picked up my ‘before & after’ photos from the competition.  I’ve already posted the ones in my street clothes and I don’t think you can tell that I lost 30 lbs in those.  But, the bathing suit pictures?… yeah, you can tell.  It’s amazing how much I lost around my middle section.  I’ve always told people that I’m shaped like a soft serve ice cream cone.  I have relatively skinny legs, a lumpy round middle, no boobs and then we top things off with my little head.  Well folks, this ice cream cone has melted a bit.  And no, I will never ever post those bathing beauty pictures on the internet.  I do have some pride.



  1. Loralee Said:

    You are seriously looking great, Karen.

  2. Pi-man Dave Said:

    You looked great in Nov. Keep it up.

  3. Duch Uncle Said:

    To quote Red Green “we’re pulling for you… remember we’re all in this together.”

  4. Teresa Said:

    Karen, I’m impressed with how well you’ve continued. I’m really struggling. It helps to know you are still moving ahead and having some success! Way to go! tp

  5. mok Said:

    It seems you’re getting this weight thing “licked”! HAAA HAAAA HAAAAA hysterical laughter at own cleverness!

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