tuesday is the new friday

I’ve decided to change my weigh-in day to Tuesday morning.  Why would I do this you might ask… because I always weigh the least on Tuesdays.  It’s weird but I’m embracing it.

This past weekend was pretty bad as far as my diet was concerned.  It was actually pretty bad for my activity levels as well but my food was really really horrible.  I had pizza, twice and chinese food.  Both of these are really not “diet friendly” foods.  To make matters worse, I live alone and have no one to share with so I consumed a lot!  Really, really bad idea!  I hate that I struggle so much over the weekends.  I’m home more on Fri/Sat/Sun and I think being home, with my pantry, is a recipe for disaster.  Even when I’m not ordering pizza I’m still eating larger amounts of the ‘better for me’ things I have in the fridge.

The overall realization I’m having… I have a long, long ways to go and much to change.  Still.

Anywhooo… here are my latest numbers:

Starting Weight: 301
Current Weight: 266
Total Weight Lost: 35

That’s 2 lbs down from last week.  yeehoo!



  1. cricket927 Said:

    WhaaHoo!!! I always consider it a good thing when I don’t gain anything, even if I don’t lose. Sometimes I don’t think others get what a struggle it is to not eat too much. My endocrinologist told me, “You can eat as many raw veggies as you want!”. Yeah, like my go to food is cucumber. I love the fact that you can see that being at home alone with the pantry may not be a hot idea. Like I know I shouldn’t have made really good chocolate chip cookies for Stosh and only given him a dozen out of 6. It was a big batch. I am thrilled that you keep going. I admire that about you. The only thing I believe I have seen through in my life was having Lily. It is a good thing and it encourages me to do more.

    I love you updates and wish you could post a bit more often. Smile.

  2. loralee Said:

    I’m only on day TWO and I have FAILED.
    I didn’t cave and drink Diet Coke, oh, no. instead I just kept eating EVERYTHING. (Including pizza)

    You are amazing.

  3. Teresa Said:

    Go Tuesdays! Karen, you are doing great! Every pound in the right direction is a victory. Keep up the good work!

    Loralee, No DC? I feel your pain!

  4. mok Said:

    Yea you! 2 pounds AND Chinese food! Nice combo if you can make it work. I thouyght about getting you tickets for your birthday again this year. Are you interested? I think the Pioneer Theatre is doing A Midsummernight’s Dream, and The Producers this year, but I’m not sure when. If you want tickets give me play and day and I’ll see what I can do.

  5. Duch Uncle Said:


    Remember the whole picture. Like I say ‘you eat an elephant one bite at a time’… that may not be the best saying here but you get what your poor old crazy uncle is getting at. Don’t you?

  6. Fat Loser Said:

    I am feeling like the biggest loser ever. In trying to lose weight, I have gained weight. I hate myself! I appreciate your website and you striving forward. You are doing great and are an inspiration to me. I hope one day I can go forward like you are. Thanks for being honest too.

  7. Duch Uncle Said:


  8. Aunt Amy Said:

    Holy Cow! I can’t believe all the weight you’ve lost! Sorry I haven’t commented in a while, I’ve been checking your old blog, and was locked out! It wasn’t until you commented on my blog (and since I never write anything these days you had no reason to write anything) that I was able to link to you! I’m soo excited for you, and that grapefruit sounds delish!

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