grapefruit, not just another sub-tropical wonder!

This week I have been loving grapefruit.  I’ve had a delicious grapefruit for lunch many times over the last several days and they have been a lovely addition to my diet.  However, I’ve thrown all I know about eating a grapefruit to the wind and have ventured into new territory concerning this juicy, citrus wonder.

For awhile now I’ve been reading this blog.  It’s written by a girl who has been chronicling her own weightloss journey.  She didn’t need to lose the horriffic amount of weight that I do but she diligently changed her lifestyle to become healthy and fit.  Kath’s blog is a-mazing.  She takes a picture of every single thing she puts in her mouth and posts the photos to her site.  She posts several times a day, every day and it’s interesting to see what her meals look like.  They are always well balanced (she doesn’t have the food issues (fish!) that I do) and I find it somewhat comforting that I sport some similar habits.  I also eat the same things, sometimes with variations, over and over, every single day.

One of the things I’ve noticed from her photos is that while she likes grapefruit, she often eats peeled.  Peeled?!?  I’ve have never in my many days seen a grapefruit eaten in this manner.  I didn’t even realize that the peel came off, I just assumed the only way to get to it’s delicious pulpy innards was to cut it in half and attack each section with a spoon (okay, I knew but seriously never thought anyone would actually do it).  However, peeling is only the tip of the iceburg.  She also, occasionally, cuts the in two (like I assumed everyone did) and then sprinkles it with brown sugar and puts it under the broiler.  I kid you not!  Who knew that you could turn this simple citrus orb into a warm, carmalized treat?  I sure didn’t.  But now I do and endless doors have been opened for me?

Why am I sharing this with you today.  Well, I felt that the world needs this knowledge.  Break out of your narrow grapefruit eating ways and explore the possibilities!  Also, Cricket wants me to post more often so here it is 😀



  1. cricket927 Said:

    I loved grapefruit. I couldn’t eat it for the longest time due to the meds that I was taking. But when I got pregnant and didn’t know I was pregnant I ate 5 of them a day. Matty was stopping at Sam’s and buying them every other day. (Sam’s had great ones that were HUGE). I would just put splenda on them. I couldn’t get enough. Then one day it stopped and I haven’t had one since. I have never thought of peeling them. I have had them in salads before. I think I shall give the brown sugar warm loving a try. I wonder if you can use the brown sugar splenda?

    So happy to see you so soon!!!!

  2. Bridge Said:

    I can’t eat grapefruit. I have tried many times. I can actually eat a lemon like and orange, but the second I put a grapfruit in my mouth my taste buds freak out. It is the weirdest thing.

    Grapefruit in drinks does the same thing too.



  3. Teresa Said:

    About 15 years ago I worked with a man who peeled his grapefruit and ate it like an orange. I thought it was the strangest thing I had ever seen. . . until I tried it. I quite like to eat my grapefruit that way. I’ve never tried it warm with brown sugar. I’m going to go try that right now! Thanks for the good info!

  4. Auntie L Said:

    I can’t stand grapefruit. I think it is one of the most bitter things I have ever eaten. It tastes like dandelion stems. I am glad that you like it however. Give me anything with lime in it however and I will be in heaven.

  5. asherkars Said:

    I absolutly HATE grapefruit. Hate it!!!!! Dad will eat them plain and it sickens me to the point of throwing up! Anyway, thanks for the package Karen. It’s really nice to get mail every so onften. I’m reallllly sorry iv put off the package thing we agreed to do in… October? I’ll do it next month. Promise!

  6. MaryEllen Said: has 162 recipes for grapefruit. The first couple pages have variations of the baked or broiled grapefruit. I never think of a grapefruit to eat. I used to eat them all the time growing up cut in half and sprinkled w/sugar. A lady I used to work with peeled them and ate them with salt, I need to be more adventurous. I think I remember a salad I had somewhere that had spinich, strawberries and grapefruit in it. I could be way wrong. We should do a recipe swap. Or one day have a day where we make up some recipes and freeze them in serving sizes. It is so hard to fix for just one and then not splurge on portions. Just a thought.

  7. Cricket Said:

    Hey Karen, what I really want to know is how are your blood sugars? I know they told me that losing even 10 pounds would help and then exercise and diet would help bring them down. I know that for me even doing a little along the diet and exercise made a huge difference. I would like to see how the past few months of making the right choices in food and exercise have brought down your blood sugars. If you find out please let us know!

  8. Duch Uncle Said:

    No news isn’t necessary good news. Are you doing OK?

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