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fessin’ up time

okay… the last couple of weeks have been hard and this means that I’m struggling with the whole “losing weight” thing.  I don’t know what shifted for me but I’ve been craving my old habits.  Pizza, coke, pasta and the ilk have called to me from the grocery store shelves and I have heeded their call.  This weekend was particularly bad and I ate extremely poorly.  The only upshot of this behavior is that it hasn’t totally caught up to me on the scale yet.  I haven’t lost but nither have I gained.  It’s going to catch up with me soon though.

I have been going to the gym.  I’ve even added some running to my time on the treadmill.  This time, however, has been shortening.  The goal is to get 50 minutes of cardio when I’m at there but lately… 45 minutes… 40 minutes is all I’m sticking it out for.   This has to change but I’m really not wanting to.  I have my gym bag in the car right now and I know I should head to they gym after work.  I should dedicate myself to getting my cardio time in for the day.  I really don’t want to.  Even though I don’t want to I will but I won’t enjoy it!!!

Current weight: 266   Let’s hope this number drops next week!