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Quick Update

I broke down and weighed myself today and happily I’ve lost 2 pounds.  This is good new and a bit perplexing.  I’ve been having a hard time getting my workouts in this week.  I have done some kind of damage to my right foot and leg.  I have shooting pain when I stand a certain way and when I rub my had along my shin.  It’s weird and causes me to really not want to use the treadmill.  I have gone to water aerobics this week (along with one good workout Wednesday night) and I’m not sure if that is helping or making it worse.  All I can do is pay attention to it and if it gets worse I’ll have to go see my doctor.

Also an update on the subject of vomiting while exercising… I did have another hurl day this week.  I wasn’t feeling great Wednesday evening and by Thursday morning had a pretty good headache going.  I thought perhaps that getting up and going to the gym might help so, I went to water aerobics.  It didn’t help.  About 45 mintutes into things I had to make a mad dash for the restroom which blew because the last 15 minutes are my favorite part of class.  I went home and slept for a few more hours which helped tremendously but sadly I have now thrown up outside of the ultimate loser arena.  It would seem that I’m prone to vomiting while exercising.  Either that or I should not do water aerobics with a headache.  hmmm…..

Beginning Weight:  301
Current Weight:  264
Pounds Lost:  37