Quick Update

I broke down and weighed myself today and happily I’ve lost 2 pounds.  This is good new and a bit perplexing.  I’ve been having a hard time getting my workouts in this week.  I have done some kind of damage to my right foot and leg.  I have shooting pain when I stand a certain way and when I rub my had along my shin.  It’s weird and causes me to really not want to use the treadmill.  I have gone to water aerobics this week (along with one good workout Wednesday night) and I’m not sure if that is helping or making it worse.  All I can do is pay attention to it and if it gets worse I’ll have to go see my doctor.

Also an update on the subject of vomiting while exercising… I did have another hurl day this week.  I wasn’t feeling great Wednesday evening and by Thursday morning had a pretty good headache going.  I thought perhaps that getting up and going to the gym might help so, I went to water aerobics.  It didn’t help.  About 45 mintutes into things I had to make a mad dash for the restroom which blew because the last 15 minutes are my favorite part of class.  I went home and slept for a few more hours which helped tremendously but sadly I have now thrown up outside of the ultimate loser arena.  It would seem that I’m prone to vomiting while exercising.  Either that or I should not do water aerobics with a headache.  hmmm…..

Beginning Weight:  301
Current Weight:  264
Pounds Lost:  37



  1. Sarah Said:

    Sorry I wasn’t at water aerobics on Thursday. I guess I subconsciously turned of my alarm, because when I woke up at 7 it was off, and I don’t know how! You are awesome for going though, even though you felt crappy and blew chunks! Good thing it was out of the pool, how embarrassing if it had been in the pool! Congrats on two more pounds! I think I stole them from you, because I gained 2 pounds this week!

  2. brigitteballard Said:

    Yeah!!! Your still doing great.

    Um, sorry about the puking. I have puked before while exercising and it isn’t fun.

  3. Auntie L Said:

    First time pucking and no more exercising for me. I would rather not be of an “acceptable” size than sick. Thank you very much. Being sick is a sign that you are doing something that is not good for you.

  4. Aunt Amy Said:

    Wow–cool that you still lost 2 pounds! Also, while I detest exercise, water aerobics are the closest thing to enjoyable of the lot since even though you are sweating and working hard the sweat washes off so you don’t feel so gross!

  5. Cricket Said:

    I am sorry about the vomit, but if you need someone to hold your hair I am your gal! Keep doing what you are doing. Are you excited for the warm weather? You get to pull out your shorts and skirts and flaunt your hot legs!!!!

  6. mok Said:

    I suspect the vomiting is helping with the weight loss, so maybe it’s not so bad. You and Ashlee really have the hurling thing down pretty well, must be a migraine thing. Congrats on the loss and keep us posted on the pain.

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