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it’s all paying off

I learned something yesterday about how much all the working out and eating better is helping me.  Yesterday I was at the carnvial from 11am to 9 pm.  We worked hard to set up everything, keep the carnival going and then take everything down.  Setting up the dozen or so canopies, getting all the tables and chairs where they needed to be, setting up games… a year ago would have destroyed me.  I would’ve gone home with a migrain, I wouldn’t have been able to walk today, I’d have blisters… it would have been awful.  But yesterday?  I felt great.  Sure it was hard and I was really tired by the end of the day but I wasn’t completely ruined.  I was able to work hard and feel great about it.  I was also able to get up early this morining and join my team at the bottom of Old Main Hill for our competition activity against the other UL teams.  I was a little sore and stiff when I woke up but that all worked itself out as I moved around. 

Realizing how much all of this work has helped the way I do the ordinary and special things in my life is phenominal.  I’m almost in tears about it.  It’s hard on the day to day routine to see how things have changed.  I don’t really see it (although I can’t keep any of my pants up!) & I still feel like a big slow slug when I exercise but there is a diffrence.  And that makes this all worth the pain, tears and vomit!

Today our competition challenge was tough.  I was still huffing and puffing hard.  I was still slow.  My team didn’t come in first largely due to my slowness (we were second), I retched afterwards (but didn’t vomit 🙂 but considering that I burned over 5000 calories yesterday and worked my butt off… I did great.

Starting weight:  271 lbs
Current weight: 253 lbs
Total lost (in 4 weeks) 17 lbs


busy, busy

Today is busy but here are the weigh-in results:

Only 2 lbs. Sheesh.

I’ll post more tomorrow.

to anyone reading who lives in Cache Valley…

I’ve been involved in the planning of a big Neighborhood Carnival for the past month and tomorrow is the big day. My friend Michelle spent several weeks in Zambia a couple of years ago on a humanitarian trip with Mothers Without Borders. She worked directly with AIDS orphans and was very moved by their wonderful spirit and a desire to improve their lives. Michelle, her husband & 13 year old son are returning next month and wanted to take a significant financial contribution which will go to the building of a resource center and community for these kids.

So, I’m inviting you all to this Neighborhood Carnival tomorrow afternoon/evening (May 30th). The event is being held in Hyde Park at Lee’s Park next to Cedar Ridge Middle School. It’s from 3 to 7 pm and every single penny we take in in going directly to Mothers Without Borders and their efforts in Zambia. There will be a giant slide, velcro wall, bungee run, climbing wall, bounce house, carnival games, food (cotton candy, Firehouse pizza, soda, popcorn…) and a Rock Band competition where you can enter with your “band” for prizes. It should be a lot of fun!

I also need to say that a ton of work has gone into creating this carnival. Michelle has worked so, so hard on creating an opportunity for the community to get together and have fun all while supporting this orphaned community in Zambia. She is a huge inspiration to me and I’ve been so grateful for the opportunity to help in my small way. I can’t go to Africa myself but I can do my part here and I’m grateful that she has created this opportunity for me and everyone to help.

Please come tomorrow night! We’ll all have a great time!

weak, weak (sugar-free) jell-o arms

More of the same this week during our morning group workouts. Wednesday we kick boxed which was fun and a good workout all in one. I’m still uncoordinated but as long as I keep moving in a semblance of a kick box-y way I feel that I’m rocking the house! My big ol’ butt and thighs are sore today and while I think that is partially due to the leg work we did on Tuesday I also blame the kicking. It does feel good to be sore due to good ol’ fashioned exercise though. I hope I can remember that I feel this way 4 months from now when the competition is long over and I’m in charge of motivating myself 🙂

This morning we worked on our upper body strength and forget anything I ever said about getting stronger because I big fat lied because… I am a total weakling! We did a circuit of 6 weight machines (3 sets of 12 on each machine) and then some work with free weights. Frankly I sucked it up big time. One particularly stellar moment was when I attempted to do my sets of pull-ups on the assisted pull-up machine. I stepped up to the machine with starry eyed visions of myself lifting my significant personage up 36 times, chin-ups in my immediate future. Oh how those visions were shattered. I couldn’t do 1. I couldn’t 1/2. I could barely hang there before I lost my grip and went crashing to the floor. Even with the greatest amount of counter-weight you can put on the machine I got nothing. I have weak, flabby spaghetti arms! Woe is me.

And even though I failed in my persuit of pull-ups, I’m planning on going back to the gum tonight so I can get in some good sweatin’. Tomorrow we weigh and I’m scared! I don’t feel good about what I’ve accomplished this week and tomorrow it may ugly when I step on the scale. I hope I’ve at least lost some inches!

a little bit further

I was not a good UL player this weekend.  It’s hard to be good over the weekend and over a holiday weekend it’s especially hard.  I don’t have the internet at home so I can’t log my food or download my bodybugg info easily on the weekend and gas prices are way to high to drive to work just for that.  A lot of what I end up doing on weekends is keep a running estimate in my head of how many calories I’ve eaten (I write everything down too).  Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t.  I also felt completely justified in blowing off exercise (it was a holiday) and so my caloric burn suffered mightily!  This morning when I was finally able to update my log I found that while I did pretty good eating-wise, I completely blew it by not exercising enough.  Yuck.

This morning our group concentrated on leg strengthening and as a result my knees are killing me.  We ran 5 laps, did a lap of lunges, ran 5 laps, did a lap of squats and then did it all over again.  I also ended the class by doing some leg work on the weight machines.  It was killer!  I did actually run entire laps today which was a first and I think it was because of my friend Chelle that I was able to.

I was visiting with her family last night and they were talking about a marathon they are going to be running this summer.  As they talked about running 10 miles at a time and getting assigned to the uphill leg of the race, I mentioned how frustrated I am that I’m not able to run much yet after all this time.  Chelle told me that when she began running she could only go a few houses but that she made sure each time she ran a little further.  Now she is running marathons.  All because she started a little bit at time and kept pushing herself to do more.  I think this is why I’m not doing better.  I let myself off the hook to easily.  I rarely push it a little bit further.  What I need to begin doing is make sure each day I do a little bit more than I did the day before.  It’s not going to be fun but it’s the only way I’ll get better.  I do want to actually run an entire 5k by the end of the year and I can only do that if I start pushing myself now.

Today I ‘ran’ more of the laps than I had before.  Tomorrow I’ll go a little further.  I’ll go a little further the day after that.

Alissa’s Back…

…but we’re still running!  Alissa was back to train our group this morning.  She flew back from Paris last night but was bright and chipper at 6am.  That is dedication and I suppose I should use it to buoy me up for my continued working out but in reality I still hate the running.  And running is precisely what she had us do this morning!

Yesterday, Ethan had us run stair laps carrying first 45lb weights (x2), then 35lb weights (x3), then 25lb weights (x4).  It was miserable.  The fact that I’ve lost over 45lbs since I started this weight loss adventure back in October was not lost on me as I lugged that hunk of awkward metal around and around the SA.  It’s hard to believe that I was functioning with that much additional weight on my body.  However, if I’m being truly honest, I wasn’t functioning very well.  It’s both exciting and daunting to think that I’m going to lose more than 2 of those weights again before I reach my goal.

I was positive that I was going to have a small weight loss this week.  I’ve been getting to the gym earlier in the morning so I can put in some extra sweating exercise time, but I’ve had a hard time fitting in additional exercise in the evenings.  It’s hit or miss and I need to improve on that.  I’m planning on meeting my friend Teresa in the morning at Old Main Hill so we can climb stairs and then working in my yard later.  Hopefully this will add significantly to my caloric burn for next week so I can have a monster number on the scale.  That would be nice 😀

So on to today’s weigh in results:

Starting Weight:  270 lbs
Current Weight:  255 lbs
Total Weight Lost:  15 lbs–4 this week

If I count the weight I’ve lost since I began in October I’ve lost 46 lbs so far.  Amazing.

“physical, physical, I wanna get physical…”

I cannot believe how much I sweat while exercising! This is a fairly new development and I don’t know if it means I’m working harder/better or if I somehow hit the “let it drip” switch. It’s bad people. I feel like a waterfall is running down my face every morning. I suspose I should invest in a headband (or 12) but I’m just not sure I’m ready to go there. I already have the haircut of Olivia Newton John circa 1980. If I add a headband I’ll look like this:

Actually, I’ll be a much fatter & redder version of this glorious photo but still. Today I was really tired and frankly a little lazy during our workout. I just didn’t give it my all. I’m so tired of all the running! Run, run, run. Run 2 warm up laps. Run up and down the gym. Run up the stairs. Running, running all the day! On top of the running we did a veritable plethora of push-ups and crunches to round off our early a.m. torture session. My arms and abs are feeling the pain now. I’d better get over the anti-running attitude though cause the weigh-in’s a comin’ and I want to lose big!

in the animal kingdom i’d be pecked to death

My ankle is feeling so much better. It was a little sore this morning as I was running on the treadmill but overall I think it’ll be okay. It was a long workout this morning and we spent the better part of 20 minutes going up and down the gym floor as various animals. Bear walk, crab walk, duck walk, frog hops, snake slithers, kangaroo hops… essentially I hauled my ‘beached whale’ of a body up and down the floor in a weak imitation of these animals. My bear had to pause every 30 seconds to allow the blood to drain from it’s face. My crab couldn’t support itself with it’s weakling arms and scooted backwards on it’s butt down the floor. My frog gave up on doing a 2 legged hops and would walk/hop feebly down the room, bending over each time to touch the floor. Basically if I was really an animal, I’d be the weak, deformed one that the herd must run off their territory or peck to death to prevent it’s inferior DNA from tainting the gene pool thus leading to the slow, tragic death of the species. Good times for me. I cannot wait for the day when I can successfully walk like bear of a crab down and back the length of a basketball court. A girl can dream!

P.S. I’ve lost 6.5 inches so far

1st competition

This morning we held our first group challenge competition. All the teams met at the SA at 8 a.m. We were told that we we’re running as a team to Lee’s Marketplace where we would run into the store, one at a time, find an item from a menu list of a healthy day’s meals, memorize the brand name, portion size and calories and run back out so the next team member could go find their item. We did this until all the menu items had been found and then ran back to the SA.

I am slow!!!! I hate it but the trip to Lee’s was up hill and it killed my calves. Our team was still the first to get into the store but not by much. It took us longer to find all our items so by the time we were ready to run back, 2 teams had already left. Heading back we were still trying to get a decent time and I managed to roll my ankle right at the end. I’m so pissed that this happened because I really don’t need anything that is going to further derail my weight loss plan. It sucks that I’ve now got a sore ankle. I was able to ice it right away and it wasn’t a bad roll (I’ve had much worse). Right now it’s not too bad and I’ve got it wrapped. I’m hoping that if I can keep it iced and keep walking on it that by Monday it won’t be a problem. Here’s hoping!


They have posted our “before” pictures on the website so I thought I’d post it here too.  Here I am at 270.8 lbs:

Just for comparison here is my picture at 271, the final weight of the last competition (my hair is much better here than it is now… I never should have cut it all off!):

and here I am at 301:

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