Is it helping?

In order to sign-up to do the Ulitmate Loser program again I had to visit my PA. It was a great visit because she hadn’t seen me since September and was floored by how I looked and the difference on the scale. The last time I saw her I weighed 309 lbs and now I’m at 266 lbs. She signed my entry form very enthusiastically.

We also ran some blood work to see how my cholesterol and blood sugar levels had been effected by the weight-loss and exercise. I’m happy to report that they have both improved. In fact my hdl, the good cholesterol, is up 6 points. This information alone is enough to get me exited to begin the program again and re-adjust my life toward healthy living. (in other news… my anemia is worse and I’m now taking iron and am susposed to make an appointment to see my colonoscopy dr. Again. I’m going to see if the iron helps first as I do not want to pay another small fortune to find that my colon is pink and shiny and not causing me an anemia-type problems!)

I’m moving on Saturday and then begining the U.L. on Monday morning. A friend pointed out that the move is a prefect time to begin again with some new and better habits. A new environment that is fresh with no coke or salt & vinegar chips along with all the other things that I tend to overindulge in 🙂 I’m also just a few little blocks from both the university and the Logan LDS temple. It’s a beautiful neighborhood and I’ll be in a great place for taking long walks and really pushing myself by running up and down Old Main hill.

Good times are ahead for me 🙂

All in all I’m feeling very optimistic, happy and motivated. What a great combination!



  1. Auntie L Said:

    I’m hoping that you get to take your kitty with you to your new digs. It is good to know that you are doing better health wise than you thought. We women tend to torture ourselves about everything. We expect so much of ourselves sometimes that we fail to notice that we really are remarkable in and of ourselves. Keep up the good work. I wish that I could get to see your “other blog” that you used to have. I miss the other parts of your interesting life. Good luck!

  2. Cricket Said:

    Karen! I am so proud of you. As you are my hero, yesterday I went to see the diet lady. Or diabetes management lady. Another perk of being diabetic is the insurance company pays for diet education. I am excited as she has helped me start a plan. I am thrilled for you Karen. I am also sorry about the iron. You know you can get the time release stuff cheap at Target and if you take it with Vitamin C it doesn’t upset your tummy so much. I am excited to see that you are motivated to continue. We will be cheering you on and working on ours along with you.

  3. Sarah Said:

    I am jealous of you! As I sit here with my broken foot, I want so bad to get moving and exercising! I guess I will just have to cheer you on from the sidelines. Good luck, my friend!

  4. teresa Said:

    Congratulations. You are doing great and I’m impressed. As you know, I’ve gained a lot of my weight from the last competition back. Thanks for being a good example of continuing the fight!

  5. Angie Said:

    That’s awesome, Karen! Wahoo!

  6. mok Said:

    Yea! Karen. I have always been accused of being anemic. Thank heaven no one offered to do a colonoscopy every time my blood was tested. I think we just look pale. How do you l ike your new place? We are in the worst part of the remodel so far. Main bathroom is torn to pieces and open to the world, and basement is totally disgusting. Electricians today and sheet rockers tomorrow. I had no idea how much pure crap we had been storing all these years. What a dusty yucky mess, but on the bright side the finished bathroom is great, so clean and bright even with all of us lining up to use it.

  7. jess Said:

    dearest karen,

    i suck for not having posted more often. honestly, i haven’t even been reading your blog – but don’t feel bad. i’ve just been swampola’d – it’s not because i don’t love you.

    i think it’s amazing how much weight you’ve lost since i last visited your home here on the interwebz. and i heard you were moving! are you all settled in yet?

    much love from an estranged reader,

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