cardio day

Today was ‘cardio day’ and I was dreading it. Cardio workouts tend to involve a lot of running, relays, sprinting, jumping jacks, stairs and other equally difficult things. Most of my workout time is spent doing cardio of some kind and while it’s good for me I still dread it. So when we got to class and Alyssa announced that we’d be kick-boxing I was intrigued. I’d never done that before and since I had no former experience with the activity I was able to stop dreading the day. Let’s just say that kick-boxing kicked my butt. First of all I’m terribly uncoordinated and it took me an embarrassing amount of time to figure out the movements, by the time I did we’d moved on to something new so I was perpetually out of sync.  I also suffer from serious beet face when I exercise and that combined with the copious amounts of sweat dripping down my face and my very attractive bed head made for a horrific festival for the eyes.  I was so worn out but it was fun. I hope our workouts keep being interesting and fun because it makes it easier for me to get up in the mornings.

When I got home I was unbelievably sweaty and smelly. I turned on the shower and prepared to get in when I realized that the water streaming from the shower head was ice cold. I tried adjusting things but it would seem that the hot water had been turned off. They are doing construction in the downstairs apartment and evidently had done something to cause this crime against worn out smelly me. So I had to go ahead and take a freakin’ cold shower! It was not fun and I do not recommend trying it. The problem is being fixed and hopefully tomorrow will be warmer. Let’s hope so because I suspect I’m a little less clean than I should be today.



  1. Bridge Said:

    Oh my! I hate cold showers. I hate cold water period.

  2. Loralee Said:

    UG! Cold showers suck. I am also horribly uncoordinated and would have been terrible at kickboxing. (And? I owe you a phone call. I was in the middle of the longest audition on the planet when you called)

  3. Sarah Said:

    I am not a big fan of aerobics because I too always feel out of sync. My body can’t keep up with my brain or something. Though kickboxing does do some ninja-like moves!

  4. teresa Said:

    Kick boxing sounds like fun! We had a fierce game of ultimate frisbee–which is my favorite. Calorie burn for the hour was 650, so you just can’t beat that with a stick. Sorry your water was cold. I hope it was better today!

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