first weigh-in

This week has been really good. My UL classes have been very challenging but very good too. I’ve loved the variety of things we’ve done, even when I didn’t love the actually exercise (hello, lunges can suck it!). Yesterday was ‘leg day’ and it was full of those awful lunges, squats, running with 35 lb weights and an obstacle course. I was completely worn out by the end. Today we worked with exercise balls and that was hard. My balance isn’t too bad and I was able to do (in my own modified fat girl way) the push ups and bridges but I started getting charlie horses in my thighs when we were doing the leg lifts so I didn’t do many of those. We ended the class by getting into teams of 3 and then were told we were going to fireman carry each other down the gym. Now I do not have a problem with carrying others but I did not want to be carried! It was awful. I have a friend who ended up in my group and she is considerably smaller than me so to have her try to carry me sucked. She couldn’t do it and I ended up feeling completely embarrassed that they even had to try.

Emotionally I have been so much better this during competition but that fireman carry pushed things to far for me. I’ve been able to come to terms with the fact that I’m one of the biggest people. I can cope with being slow and often the last to finish things but to have other people put in a position where they must deal with my size was humiliating (there were tears). I hope we don’t have to do it again.

Next week I’ve really got to ramp things up and spend more time exercising. This incarnation of the competition isn’t requiring that we exercise and additional hour and not having that requirement is making it too easy for me to justify skipping extra time at the gym. If I want to make this work and pull my weight (forgive the pun)for the team, I need to put in my time. Now, lets get on to the weigh-in…

Beginning Weight: 270
Current Weight: 265
Total Weight Lost: 5 lbs

That makes me pretty happy.



  1. Teresa Said:

    WOO HOOO! Good job Karen! I know what you mean about the fireman carry. I had a similar thing happen when we had to drag each other down the floor on a towel. I’m heavy. I’m hard to drag. She needed help to drag me down the floor. Very embarrassing.

  2. Cricket Said:

    TJ Maxx has cheap exercise balls! I ended up using my as a computer chair. I told myself that it helped my core. I just bounced around on it like a hippity hop. WaaaHHOOOO on the weight loss. Have fun unpacking!

  3. Bridge Said:


  4. Nancy Said:

    Awesome Karen! 5 lbs! Keep it up!

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