oh my aching knees!

Since my move last week I don’t have access to the internet at home anymore. This weekend drove home just how difficult keeping track of my caloric intake is going to be when I can’t log food daily. Sunday I was worried about eating a lot of calories and so I ended up erring on the opposite side by only eating 1000 calories all day. We are susposed to maintain a minimum of 1200 calories and will be penalized if we don’t. I don’t yet know if Sunday is going to be a problem for me but I’ve got to figure out a way to keep a better accounting on Sat/Sun so I don’t get disqualified!

I was able to stay kinda active on Saturday due to walking in a parade as ‘Miss Karen’ the librarian. It was a pretty good walk and combined with Saturday cleaning, helped me keep moving. Sunday I was a slug and took a nice long nap thus expending no energy. I’m going to have to start going on Sunday walks.  Slug imitations, no matter how good, are not going to help me get to my weight goal.

Today’s workout was pretty good. We did a lot of circuit training and arm work. I need to get some knee pads so I can do push-ups and the like. My knees are killing me and I usually end up quitting because I can’t stand to kneel. Knee pads won’t make it any easier to do push-ups but they will allow my to try harder. Tomorrow we are meeting on Old Main Hill. I am dreading it. Alissa warned us that vomiting is a possibility and since it’s me we’re talking about that means that it’s likely. Yippie.



  1. Loralee Said:

    I knew that you should have eaten a few more packs of cookies (I would have. What with the “Vengeance” cards that kept getting played on your points!!!!)

  2. Teresa Said:

    I talked to Alissa last night and she said she was going to have you all run stairs today. She didn’t mention Old Main Hill. How was it?

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