I hate stairs

We spent the entire hour this morning going up and down the stairs on old main hill. I just in the interest of full disclosure I should admit that twice we went up the paths but the bulk of the time was going up and down the stairs. I think it totaled around 9 trips in all and Alissa timed us 3 times. My first time was 6 minutes 8 seconds. My second time was 5 minutes 40 seconds and my third time was 5 minutes 43 seconds. Just 3 measly seconds! Stairs are going to be the death of me and we were advised by Alissa that we should be spending at least 10 minutes a day on the stair master as we can expect another Stadium Challenge during this competition. Yeesh! However, as much as I dislike stairs I’m really glad that Alissa is preparing us for the challenge. I wouldn’t want to go back to the stadium cold again and I’m hoping I can beat my previous time of “over an hour”. Time will tell.



  1. jonathan Said:

    well, that will be the good exercise though.. but if you hate that.. you can have swimming as your exercise.. that would be the best for you.. 😉

  2. Jonathan, we’re in the pool tomorrow! I’m not a great swimmer but it’ll be a nice change on my knees.

  3. Bridge Said:

    I should go do the stairs at the A… Will you go with me sometime?

  4. Teresa Said:

    I want to go do stairs with you too sometime. Can I join you and Bridge?

  5. Auntie L Said:

    My aching knees will barely let me walk, especially after 8 hours of work on hard tile floors. I like swimming, but where is the time. Where’s a bathing suit that isn’t made of 3 very tiny handkerchiefs? Why do they cost nearly $100?

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