1st competition

This morning we held our first group challenge competition. All the teams met at the SA at 8 a.m. We were told that we we’re running as a team to Lee’s Marketplace where we would run into the store, one at a time, find an item from a menu list of a healthy day’s meals, memorize the brand name, portion size and calories and run back out so the next team member could go find their item. We did this until all the menu items had been found and then ran back to the SA.

I am slow!!!! I hate it but the trip to Lee’s was up hill and it killed my calves. Our team was still the first to get into the store but not by much. It took us longer to find all our items so by the time we were ready to run back, 2 teams had already left. Heading back we were still trying to get a decent time and I managed to roll my ankle right at the end. I’m so pissed that this happened because I really don’t need anything that is going to further derail my weight loss plan. It sucks that I’ve now got a sore ankle. I was able to ice it right away and it wasn’t a bad roll (I’ve had much worse). Right now it’s not too bad and I’ve got it wrapped. I’m hoping that if I can keep it iced and keep walking on it that by Monday it won’t be a problem. Here’s hoping!



  1. Nancy Said:

    Hey Karen! Wow! You are totally amazing me! 11 lbs in 2 weeks is totally awesome! I hope your ankle gets better quick! I’m cheering for ya!

  2. Lisa Said:

    Ditto what Nancy says! 6 in a week!! (not to mention the hardest week of the month) I am so proud of the way you are being honest about your struggles and successes! My favorite part is that you have given all of the people that care about you a way to support you here at this blog! You have us all behind you! I know that you will do this!! Thanks for being a good friend and a great example of reaching for your goals!! *cheers*

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