catch up

I meant to post about the remainder of my week but things got away from me.  Since I’m doing this blog as part journal part motivation not to gain weight again I need to post at least something about the activities I’ve done the remiander of this week.

Wednesday Alissa decided that we deserved a “reward” for working on the stairs the previsous day, so we played ultimate frisbee.  It was a great workout and I burned a comparable amount of calories to regular workout days but, and this is big… I had FUN!  It’s always such a relief to enjoy exercising.  It gives me hope that I can become an active person after all the focus on losing weight is over because that is what will keep me fit, thin & happy in the long run.

Thursday our class was held in the pool and while I enjoy water aerobics I have to say I’m a pretty sucky swimmer.  I just can’t get my body to move in the water.  I’d be kicking my guts out and would hardly move at all.  I fact, during one of the lengths we swam we were supposed to do a “frog kick” and I ended up moving backwards.  I will never be a competitive swimmer and this pretty much cinches that I’ll never compete in a triathlon (unless they make on for swimming towards the start line instead of the finish line)!

I’ve also struggled this week with getting up.  Last week I wasn’t so tired but this week I’ve been dragging.  Tuesday after the stairs I had a really slow day.  I didn’t get home until late and almost didn’t make it to class the next morning.  My goal of walking to the SA each morning hasn’t happened and I’ve had a hard time getting there early so I can get in my extra hour of workout time.  Waiting until after work isn’t the best plan for me so I need to get up by 5 to get in my calorie burn.  Hopefully the tired blip is out of my system and next week I’ll feel more energetic!


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