weigh-in Friday

Friday was our second weigh-in day and I was worried.  I’m in the middle of my ovarian re-boot and was worried about retaining water on the scale.  Our trainer, Alissa, is in Paris for a week and we’ve been working out with my old trainer, Ethan.  He does things a little differently, so while people we’re weighing in we we’re running stair laps.  I think I prefer how Alissa handles the weigh-in with everyone in the room.  That way seems to build more team togetherness as we cheer for each other and can help support those who had a tough week.  However, regardless of the method of the weigh-in the results were good.  I’ve got a really great & supportive team this go around and we all did well.  I think if we can keep things up we could be contenders for the final prize.  We’ve been talking about getting together outside of class to hike, play ultimate frisbee, run, etc. and I like being on a team with such great team spirit.

So now I’ll tell you the results of my second week:

Starting weight:  270.8
Current weight:  259
Total weight lost:  11 lbs–6 lbs this week!
Inches lost:  a bunch–I’ll post the actual number when it’s posted on the website


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  1. Pi-man Dave Said:

    Way to go. Keep it up!!

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