in the animal kingdom i’d be pecked to death

My ankle is feeling so much better. It was a little sore this morning as I was running on the treadmill but overall I think it’ll be okay. It was a long workout this morning and we spent the better part of 20 minutes going up and down the gym floor as various animals. Bear walk, crab walk, duck walk, frog hops, snake slithers, kangaroo hops… essentially I hauled my ‘beached whale’ of a body up and down the floor in a weak imitation of these animals. My bear had to pause every 30 seconds to allow the blood to drain from it’s face. My crab couldn’t support itself with it’s weakling arms and scooted backwards on it’s butt down the floor. My frog gave up on doing a 2 legged hops and would walk/hop feebly down the room, bending over each time to touch the floor. Basically if I was really an animal, I’d be the weak, deformed one that the herd must run off their territory or peck to death to prevent it’s inferior DNA from tainting the gene pool thus leading to the slow, tragic death of the species. Good times for me. I cannot wait for the day when I can successfully walk like bear of a crab down and back the length of a basketball court. A girl can dream!

P.S. I’ve lost 6.5 inches so far



  1. Bridge Said:

    Congrats on the inches! I need to jump on board with you!

  2. mok Said:

    I finally caught up with the blogs, and I’m sorry I haven’t been doing a better job, because your’s are brilliant! I’m so proud of you! Keep on going with the weight loss, and hope for more ultimate frisbe and less animal imitations.

  3. Teresa Said:

    Way to hang in there with the animal impersonations! Those are my least favorite things to do!

  4. MaryEllen Said:

    as for the animals, I did not see my favorite….I am great at doing this one…Where is the sloth? Lately I really can relate to Sid the Sloth. YOu go girl! I think you are fabulous!

  5. Karalee Said:

    Karen – I am so GLAD to by on your team! You are the a bright, shiny(and I don’t mean the sweat on your face) and genuinely funny person and I really like being around you. Thanks for making the UL something worth smiling about.

  6. Lisa Said:

    Karen! You make me laugh out loud!! You are a clever clever writer! Loved this bit about the herd mentality.. *guffaws* You can be in my gene pool anytime! So glad you are my friend! Keep up all the hard work!! You are awesomerific!

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