Alissa’s Back…

…but we’re still running!  Alissa was back to train our group this morning.  She flew back from Paris last night but was bright and chipper at 6am.  That is dedication and I suppose I should use it to buoy me up for my continued working out but in reality I still hate the running.  And running is precisely what she had us do this morning!

Yesterday, Ethan had us run stair laps carrying first 45lb weights (x2), then 35lb weights (x3), then 25lb weights (x4).  It was miserable.  The fact that I’ve lost over 45lbs since I started this weight loss adventure back in October was not lost on me as I lugged that hunk of awkward metal around and around the SA.  It’s hard to believe that I was functioning with that much additional weight on my body.  However, if I’m being truly honest, I wasn’t functioning very well.  It’s both exciting and daunting to think that I’m going to lose more than 2 of those weights again before I reach my goal.

I was positive that I was going to have a small weight loss this week.  I’ve been getting to the gym earlier in the morning so I can put in some extra sweating exercise time, but I’ve had a hard time fitting in additional exercise in the evenings.  It’s hit or miss and I need to improve on that.  I’m planning on meeting my friend Teresa in the morning at Old Main Hill so we can climb stairs and then working in my yard later.  Hopefully this will add significantly to my caloric burn for next week so I can have a monster number on the scale.  That would be nice 😀

So on to today’s weigh in results:

Starting Weight:  270 lbs
Current Weight:  255 lbs
Total Weight Lost:  15 lbs–4 this week

If I count the weight I’ve lost since I began in October I’ve lost 46 lbs so far.  Amazing.



  1. teresa Said:


  2. Angie Said:

    You’re so awesome. I am really happy for you!

  3. Loralee Said:

    THAT ROCKS THE HOUSE!! Almost 50lbs! Holy cow!!!

  4. Bridge Said:

    I agree… totally amazing! When are you doing the stair thing? I need to come! If it is tomorrow morning and you get this before you go call me. If not let me know when so I can go with you next week.

  5. Nancy Said:

    Awesome Karen!!!!!

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