a little bit further

I was not a good UL player this weekend.  It’s hard to be good over the weekend and over a holiday weekend it’s especially hard.  I don’t have the internet at home so I can’t log my food or download my bodybugg info easily on the weekend and gas prices are way to high to drive to work just for that.  A lot of what I end up doing on weekends is keep a running estimate in my head of how many calories I’ve eaten (I write everything down too).  Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t.  I also felt completely justified in blowing off exercise (it was a holiday) and so my caloric burn suffered mightily!  This morning when I was finally able to update my log I found that while I did pretty good eating-wise, I completely blew it by not exercising enough.  Yuck.

This morning our group concentrated on leg strengthening and as a result my knees are killing me.  We ran 5 laps, did a lap of lunges, ran 5 laps, did a lap of squats and then did it all over again.  I also ended the class by doing some leg work on the weight machines.  It was killer!  I did actually run entire laps today which was a first and I think it was because of my friend Chelle that I was able to.

I was visiting with her family last night and they were talking about a marathon they are going to be running this summer.  As they talked about running 10 miles at a time and getting assigned to the uphill leg of the race, I mentioned how frustrated I am that I’m not able to run much yet after all this time.  Chelle told me that when she began running she could only go a few houses but that she made sure each time she ran a little further.  Now she is running marathons.  All because she started a little bit at time and kept pushing herself to do more.  I think this is why I’m not doing better.  I let myself off the hook to easily.  I rarely push it a little bit further.  What I need to begin doing is make sure each day I do a little bit more than I did the day before.  It’s not going to be fun but it’s the only way I’ll get better.  I do want to actually run an entire 5k by the end of the year and I can only do that if I start pushing myself now.

Today I ‘ran’ more of the laps than I had before.  Tomorrow I’ll go a little further.  I’ll go a little further the day after that.



  1. Cricket Said:

    Go Karen! I hate even thinking of running. Right now I am just happy to get out of the house in one piece. How far are you from Logan Library? You know you could walk to the library and then take the bus home just for starters. I don’t know though would you feel like you were cheating if you went to the Logan Library? Is it too much like hanging out where you work? I think you would be able to get online there if you wanted. I love the lit bit further. Just push a little more and you will be amazed at how far you have come. Keep it up. We are cheering you on from Kaysville!

  2. mok Said:

    Exercising is the hardest thing I ever try to do. It’s so hard to get in the habit and so easy to break it. Now, if it was as good as Pepsi–then we’d have something! You inspire me, but not to run, just to try harder each day, maybe one more load of laundry, one less meal eaten out, gag me.

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