weak, weak (sugar-free) jell-o arms

More of the same this week during our morning group workouts. Wednesday we kick boxed which was fun and a good workout all in one. I’m still uncoordinated but as long as I keep moving in a semblance of a kick box-y way I feel that I’m rocking the house! My big ol’ butt and thighs are sore today and while I think that is partially due to the leg work we did on Tuesday I also blame the kicking. It does feel good to be sore due to good ol’ fashioned exercise though. I hope I can remember that I feel this way 4 months from now when the competition is long over and I’m in charge of motivating myself 🙂

This morning we worked on our upper body strength and forget anything I ever said about getting stronger because I big fat lied because… I am a total weakling! We did a circuit of 6 weight machines (3 sets of 12 on each machine) and then some work with free weights. Frankly I sucked it up big time. One particularly stellar moment was when I attempted to do my sets of pull-ups on the assisted pull-up machine. I stepped up to the machine with starry eyed visions of myself lifting my significant personage up 36 times, chin-ups in my immediate future. Oh how those visions were shattered. I couldn’t do 1. I couldn’t 1/2. I could barely hang there before I lost my grip and went crashing to the floor. Even with the greatest amount of counter-weight you can put on the machine I got nothing. I have weak, flabby spaghetti arms! Woe is me.

And even though I failed in my persuit of pull-ups, I’m planning on going back to the gum tonight so I can get in some good sweatin’. Tomorrow we weigh and I’m scared! I don’t feel good about what I’ve accomplished this week and tomorrow it may ugly when I step on the scale. I hope I’ve at least lost some inches!



  1. mok Said:

    I completely get your chin up let down. I did the very same thing when I tried it. In high school no less. That was the best shape I’ve ever been in. I think any activity that requires you to be suspended by your arms is suspect. There is something a little unnatural about it. Anyway! Keep up the hard work, it’s the only way to get where you want to go. Love.

  2. Lisa Said:

    another kindred spirit moment for you and I.. I cannot do pull ups.. I’m unable to.. I blame my praying mantis wrists and my stick arms… even when I was at my best strongest from yoga last year I could not even get to 1/2 pulls… *ugh* Likewise in push ups… can’t.. and I sooooo want to.. I think I am doing great when I get to 10 and then my 14 year old come home from PE telling me that she broke her record of 50 something… ouch. wimpy arm unite! I don’t consider either one (push or pull) a fair measure of general fitness. so there.

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