it’s all paying off

I learned something yesterday about how much all the working out and eating better is helping me.  Yesterday I was at the carnvial from 11am to 9 pm.  We worked hard to set up everything, keep the carnival going and then take everything down.  Setting up the dozen or so canopies, getting all the tables and chairs where they needed to be, setting up games… a year ago would have destroyed me.  I would’ve gone home with a migrain, I wouldn’t have been able to walk today, I’d have blisters… it would have been awful.  But yesterday?  I felt great.  Sure it was hard and I was really tired by the end of the day but I wasn’t completely ruined.  I was able to work hard and feel great about it.  I was also able to get up early this morining and join my team at the bottom of Old Main Hill for our competition activity against the other UL teams.  I was a little sore and stiff when I woke up but that all worked itself out as I moved around. 

Realizing how much all of this work has helped the way I do the ordinary and special things in my life is phenominal.  I’m almost in tears about it.  It’s hard on the day to day routine to see how things have changed.  I don’t really see it (although I can’t keep any of my pants up!) & I still feel like a big slow slug when I exercise but there is a diffrence.  And that makes this all worth the pain, tears and vomit!

Today our competition challenge was tough.  I was still huffing and puffing hard.  I was still slow.  My team didn’t come in first largely due to my slowness (we were second), I retched afterwards (but didn’t vomit 🙂 but considering that I burned over 5000 calories yesterday and worked my butt off… I did great.

Starting weight:  271 lbs
Current weight: 253 lbs
Total lost (in 4 weeks) 17 lbs



  1. Pi-man Dave Said:

    We’re proud of you. Keep it up, we’re rooting for ya.

  2. drubabe Said:

    At least you took second! That’s not bad. But I know what you mean by slow progress. Just keep on trek’in!! (or however they spell trek’in)

  3. Bridge Said:

    You have lost 17 lbs in 4 weeks! YEAH!!! That is just amazing!!!

  4. Lisa Said:

    Hooray for falling pants…and for a stronger you!

  5. Karalee Said:

    You burned 5000 calories!!!! You are freakin awesome. (and my hero)

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