not an auspicious start to my week

I’m sad to report that this week hasn’t gone very smoothly so far on the exercise front. I woke up Monday with a fairly good headache which was pounding by the end of the group workout. Mondays workout ended up being a matter of just making it through and I spent quite a bit of my time resting my head against the floor and/or wall in an attempt to aleviate the thumping. Thankfully I was able to go straight home afterwards, take some tylenol, drink a coke and sleep for 2 more hours before going to work. That sorted the headache out and I thought I was doing better. I went to the gym after work and spent 30 minutes on the treadmill, 5 minutes on the stairmaster and 15 minutes on the bike so I was able to save the abysmal calorie burn I’d gotten in the morning.

This morning when I woke up I felt better, not great but better and so I was able to get to the gym a little early and do some upper body lifting. Yesterday we did some upper body things and I gave it a half-assed go thus I needed to make it up a little. Then for class we worked with Natalie and she tried to kill us. Okay, she was really trying to help us get a good burn but it felt like being killed. I was not feeling very chipper and spent a lot of the hour near tears. I’m just feeling very sad and discouraged today. I’m back at that place where I’m feeling overwhelmed and frustrated about my ability level. I spent waaayyy to much time this morning feeling sorry for myself and not enough thinking about what I’ve accomplished. As a result as soon as class was over I left and cried all the way home.

I’d like to blame all of this stuff, the crying and headache, on being pre-menstrual. I’d like to. However, the fact that I’ve had my blessed period for the last 22 days would suggest that there is nothing “pre” about how I’m feeling. Still, I’m claiming hormones as the problem and hope things get figured out soon! I’d hate for all the crying to be my fault! 🙂

P.S. Karalee, I hope you are feeling better!



  1. Teresa Said:

    22 days of that would make even the strongest woman cry! I’m sorry you are having a rough week. I wish I had some fabulous words of wisdom that would help you out. I don’t–only hang in there. I think you are doing great!

  2. Angie Said:

    It’s only Tuesday – don’t be so hard on yourself! All the yuck will clear and you’ll be back!

  3. Bridge Said:

    Um… 22 days? What is causing this?

  4. Auntie L Said:

    I think I would be in a major panic at this point if I was on a 22 day period. I was always regular, and never had heavy periods. They usually lasted 2 days and that was it. Poor you. You now weigh what I did on Sunday before the Dreaded Gumboo hit.I now weigh 10 # less after the storm was over. See my blog entry for more.

  5. Lisa Said:

    Karen.. U should ask your doc about the 22 day deal..just give her nurse a call. This happened to me (it’s called “Break out Bleeding” <- also a good name for a dance move, ‘specially the way I dance *grins*) Got on a lowdose type of “the pill” to remedy the prob and straiten the hormone flux out. It made me stop all together for months! I highly recommend that! *cheeses* You are doing great things! Even while having bad days you are still at it. You inspire me, my friend! *hugs*

  6. MaryEllen Said:

    Better be checking out the 22 day deal! That is enough to zap you of strength. It can also make you teary at the drop of a hat as well. Been there, done that. I agree with Lisa and the low dose pill.
    You are doing great. I know that I could not do the UL. You are my hero.

  7. dru babe Said:

    O my Gosh!! 22 days!! I’d be sobbing by day 8!!!! Especially since I can’t wear tampax!!

    Good Luck, blogging buddy.

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