My pants won’t stay up!

I’m suffering from a serious problem… plumber butt.  I cannot keep my pants on!  I don’t want to buy new pants though because I plan to continue losing weight and don’t want to spend big money on pants that will hopefully only fit for a few months.  I suspect that I’ll be exploring the world of second hand jeans very soon!  What is terrible is that I bought 2 pairs of yoga pants at the beginning of this UL contest and now I struggle to keep them on.  Friday we were running a timed relay carrying 16 lb medicine balls and I lost my briches half way around the track.  My arms were full of yellow weighted torture making a much needed hitch difficult.  Thank the stars above that no one was there to see the moon that flashed!  Today I pinned the waist and that seemed to help a lot.  I love those pants and hate that I only got a few weeks out of them before I lost too much in the waist to run in them!

There are only 3 weeks left this time in the Ultimate Loser contest.  I’m struggling to keep my caloric intake under control and to get in enough exercise everyday.  I’ve made a goal for this week that I’ll get to the gym at 5 am so I can get in an extra hour of exercise in the morning.  That way I’ve at least gotten my full 2 hours and if I get to the gym after work that is just bonus.  This morning I arrived around 5:15 and so I stayed after class until 7:15.  It’s a good thing too because I’m so so so tired.

Today’s workout was less than fun.  I did a lot of crunches, squats, jogging, pushups, and up/downs (which I hate with the intensity of a thousand fiery suns!).  On my own time I did 10 minutes on the stair master & 45 minutes on the treadmill.

This past week I was incredibly busy.  I never really caught up on the things I needed to get done and so I didn’t get to write about the weight loss results last week.  I’ve slowed down and you can tell by my umber.  I only lost 3 pounds last week bring my grand total to 20.  I’m hoping to work really hard this week and lose a lot.  I’d love to hit my 10% goal by this friday, so I need to lose 7 this week.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Here are my stats:

Beginning weight:  270.8 lbs
Current weight:  249.8 lbs
Total Lost (this go around):  20 lbs
Total lost since October:  51 lbs!!!

On Friday I wore a shirt that hasn’t fit in 10 years.  It was awesome.  Too bad my taste in fashion has changed though 🙂



  1. Angie Said:

    I think you should wear suspenders to hold your pants up. That would be so cute, especially if your pants are hiked up and you have a nice wedgie.

  2. Jen Said:

    Karen, I think you are doing awesome! I wish that my pants were falling off!!! I’m glad that you are coming at 5 a.m.-it will help to have someone there with me. Remember, keep thinking those positive thoughts—10 pounds this week for both of us!!!!

  3. Bridge Said:

    I like Angies suggestion. HAHAHA. 51 lbs is just amazing. I really am so proud of you.

  4. Teresa Said:

    Good Job Karen!

  5. Sarah Said:

    I feel so bad for you that your pants are falling off! That must be a real challange! (:

  6. Dutch Uncle Said:

    Sounds like a good dilema to have. You could go the belt and suspenders route or overalls! Sounds like you are doing great. Keep going!

  7. mok Said:

    Have you considered duct tape? What a cause for celebration. I could give you some of my real jeans, but they would probably fall off too. (By real I mean with a waistband instead of elastic.) Don’t you have some of those packed in a box around our house somewhere?

  8. MaryEllen Said:

    I vote for the duct tape suggestion. Isn’t it great to have your clothes fall off though? I love the feeling. I am so proud of you!!!

  9. Loralee Said:

    I think that is the best news on the planet. You are looking soooo good!!! BTW…James is loving his book. Thanks for the recommendation!

  10. drubabe Said:

    Karen. I LOVE U. I can’t WAIT to see you in July. Were all really proud of you. YOU ARE THE GREATESt!!!!!!!!!!!1

  11. sandrar Said:

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