i was a bad, bad girl

I missed my class this morning! I’m so mad at myself. The alarm went off at 4:30 and I reached over and turned it off. I meant to get up, I really did, but I was slow to act on the intention and fell back into a dream filled sleep. I didn’t wake up again until 6:30! (my dreams involved the Osmonds and Crystal Gayle’s daughter performing a craptacular routine in Branson MI so I think I’ve been punished enough) This behavior is certainly not going to further me towards a 7 pound weight loss this week. Sheesh!  I’m heading to the gym after work and will have to put in some serious time to try and make up for it.

Tuesday morning our (substitute) trainer had us do something that I would never have thought to do on my own and seemed pretty easy before I actually did it.  First, we all stood on a step on the stair case with our heels hanging off the back.  We then lifted ourselves with our toes 15 times with our toes straight ahead, 15 times with our toes facing out and then 15 times with our toes facing in. We then “sat” on the wall for 1 minute.  We did that particular set 3 times in all and the muscles in my legs were burning! We then each got down on our hands and knees on a mat and did a series of leg lifts to the back and side (I looked like a dog who had found a particularly wonderful hydrant to water) which absolutely killed my thighs.  It was amazing how much work that stuff was. Since I have a staircase in my new house I’m going to have to repeat this particular set of exercises a few times a week. Perhaps it will make climbing stairs easier if I build up some super leg muscles!



  1. Teresa Said:

    Craptacular. I love that word. You were punished enough. That dream sounds crazier than mine–and that’s pretty crazy. Just think of the beautiful legs you are sculpting. Did you see us pushing a truck around the parking lot when you came in to do your workout tonight? It was . . . fun. 🙂

  2. Auntie L Said:

    Don’t worry. I can sleep through my alarm for an incredible amount or time. and I do. almost every day. Then i get pissed off with myself for being lazy again. My alarm is the timer on the stove, which does not shut off until I get out of bed and turn it off, and I can still sleep for over and hour before I even hear it to get up!

  3. drubabe Said:

    Me to. I used to set an alarm for 6:00 AM during school, but I always slept through it.

  4. mok Said:

    Sleeping through alarms is just another service your gene pool provides. The only two people in our family who are happy bed gettet out of’s are my dad and Shane.

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